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Invocation research

PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 9:42 am
by Stam
Draconic Flight, Greater (Dragon Magic pg. 80)

Although this is technically a Draconic Invocation, AFAIK Ian opened these for consideration for Warlocks as well due to only cosmetic differences in the invocations.

This is listed as a Dark invocation and is an improved version of Fell Flight (a Lesser invocation). It grants the same kind of magical flight, but +30' above land speed instead of same-as land speed, and it upgrades maneuverability one grade (from Good to Perfect). The Draconic Flight versions also grant a situational bonus vs. forced march Fort saves.

That looks...kinda pricey for a Dark, but I'd spring for it as a Greater (or maybe my very last Dark). Is it viable for research as either (and would effective level change if it became a Greater)?

(And the improvements are roughly 18,000 gp and 9,500 gp respectively if hung on magic items.)