Scabbard of Many Blades

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Scabbard of Many Blades

Postby Stam » Sat Jul 24, 2010 11:40 pm

Scabbard of Many Blades
Item Level: 5th
Body Slot: -
Caster Level: 9th.
Aura: Moderate Conjuration
Activation: None
Weight: 2 lb

The scabbard always appears empty, even if you just sheathed a blade.

This scabbard is custom-designed for warriors who like to have more than one weapon ready at any time. It holds two two-handed weapons, three one-handed weapons and three light weapons. Sheath a weapon in the scabbard and it is instantly shunted to the extradimensional space; in order to draw the weapon again, merely place your hand over the scabbard and pull.

If the scabbard has reached capacity, any new blade you attempt to sheath will stop halfway in as if striking an obstruction. And, of course, in an antimagic field or if the item has been subject to a dispel magic, you won't be able to access your weaponry.

Craft requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, Leomund's secret chest
Price: 1,800gp

[Pricing and volume based off the Efficient Satchel, which was created from the Efficient Quiver.]
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