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Whirling Blade / Hurl

PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2011 8:36 am
by Stam
Busy making a Paladin/Favored Soul of Chauntea! Who will be able to use a scythe.

In order to fill both healbot role *and* a much-desired niche for a character who throws scythes (:D), I'd like to know if either of these spells can be added to the Cleric list with appropriate research:

Whirling Blade (SC p. 238, currently Bard2/Sor2/Wiz2) - perfect for harvesting a field a lot faster!
Hurl (SC p. 117, currently Sor2/Wiz2) - will do the job just fine too, minus the harvester effect. I'd prefer Whirling Blade, though.

I'm hoping it can be workable as a Clr2 spell, right in there with Spiritual Weapon.

(Why don't I just take Spiritual Weapon? Because that's an attack roll keyed off Wis, and Favored Souls have that whole dual-stat requirement. I'll be casting off Cha and dumping Wis. No Save-Or-Suck spells for me.)