PLEASE read before posting a question here!

A place for rules questions to be posted. Rules questions should be asked here, not in OOC chat or FPMs. The DM's will answer whenever they can. Rules questions are not our focus, so it may take some time for questions to be responded to. Please be patient.

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PLEASE read before posting a question here!

Postby Rosemadder » Fri Apr 08, 2011 10:46 am

So you have a question...

1. Please use the search function on the main page of the site and in forums to check the key words of your question before posting here. We have some very inquisitive players! Your answer might already be waiting for you someplace on site!


2. Look it up in the books first to the best of your ability. Some of you might not have enough books to do this! Try the SRD instead for free!

3. So your question isnt covered there and you've done your best to figure out the answer but by Azuth NO one has the info for you! Ask your question here! BUT! PLEASE list the book you are referencing, the page number, and the questionable bit if there is one.

4. We have a nice handful of assorted DMs here if a ruling is needed; often another player might be able to pop up and show you where to look, or something like that, before a DM has time to answer. If a more official ruling is needed, a DM will answer. But your question might not need a 'ruling'.

5. IF what you ask is THAT difficult as to need a DM, then don't be surprised if LOTS OF US start chiming in with our OWN opinions and OMG SUDDENLY you have all the staff in a brawl over pricing. Stand back and no one will get hurt. Duck and Cover!

6. Take whatever final answer you are given, EVEN if it doesn't come from "The Rules Guru".
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