Purpose of This Forum (Revised)

A place for rules questions to be posted. Rules questions should be asked here, not in OOC chat or FPMs. The DM's will answer whenever they can. Rules questions are not our focus, so it may take some time for questions to be responded to. Please be patient.

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Purpose of This Forum (Revised)

Postby Ian » Wed Apr 29, 2015 5:04 pm

This forum is a catch-all for rules-related questions. Examples of the sorts of questions that should go here include (but are not limited to):

  • Requests to clarify a printed rule.
  • Requests regarding the availability of resources that may be limited by setting.
  • Requests for rulings on questions for which there is no existing printed rule.
  • Requests for rulings on questions for which there is a printed rule that is clearly understood, but you think it should be changed.
  • Requests to review new spells or magic items.
  • Really, any sort of request from a DM for info.

If you are a PDM and need a rules clarification for a scene that is taking place at that moment, approach a DM in the OOC for guidance. If a ruling is being requested regarding a secret aspect of a plot or character that must not be revealed to others, send it to all the DMs (Ian, June, Rose, Seeker, Shamsy, Kemian) using Forum PMs. All other questions should come here.

As noted in the forum description, please be patient. The list above is in roughly descending order of how quickly you can expect a response to your question. If a question is critical to an upcoming scene or event and must be answered by a particular date, note so explicitly and we'll see what we can do.
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