Drunken Master PrC Questions

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Drunken Master PrC Questions

Postby Kemian » Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:15 pm

Someone asked the DM team a series of questions about this PrC via forum PM that the DM team has largely worked through. It occurred to me that there may be more of you interested in this PrC so rather than answer questions about it individually, I am going to post the teams analysis up here.

Most of the questions stemmed from the player wishing to use a length of 20' silk rope as an improvised weapon. After some discussion, we decided this particular improvised weapon would function most like an improvised whip. (Basically any odd improvised weapon we are going to try and find an analogous regular weapon to base the effects on.)

Here are the questions and the answer we came up with:

My question is could my char take a length of silk rope 20 feet long, that weighs 2 lb., and use it as a ...

1)a) A two-handed finesseble weapon?
The CWar rules suggest that any improvised weapon that gets reach should be considered two-handed, and I would read that as taking effect despite whatever the object actually weighs. So Yes it would be 2 handed.

Finesseable is a separate question, since we are going with the whip as the most similar regular weapon the answer in this case is yes, it qualifies for weapon finesse.

1)b) That can melee attack foes 5 feet, 10 feet, 15, and 20 feet away (somewhat similar to a spiked chain)?
Yes you can use it for melee attacks 10 feet out as a whip.

1)c) That can also trip?
Yes out to 10 feet

1)d) That can also disarm with listed bonuses in 1) and 2) ?
Yes out to 10 feet

1)e) That deals lethal slashing damage (somewhat similar to a whip does) ?
No. Whips don't even deal lethal damage, so the example is false on its face. Further, a silk rope probably qualifies as a "soft or malleable object," which means it deals damage as an object of half its weight and the damage dealt is nonlethal. I'm good with this idea; it means a silk rope actively works like an improvised whip for damage

2)a) A two-handed double-weapon?
No. There are no rules to treat an improvised weapon as a double

2)b) That is also a finnesseble weapon?
2)c) That can melee attack foes 5 feet, and 10 feet away (somewhat similar to a spike chain) from each weapon's ends?
2)d) That can also trip?
2)e) That can also disarm with listed bonuses in 1) and 2) ?
2)f) That deals lethal slashing damage (somewhat similar to a whip does) ?
No. to all of these by extension since 2)a) is no.

3) Does the disarm bonus from level 4 Drunken Master PrC and the innate properties of improvised weapons that do have innate disarm bonus stack? If they do stack, do I understand how they stack correctly? I understand it the stacked bonuses work out like this for a improvised weapon with many protrusions (such as chairs): +2 bonus to disarm a foe, +4 bonus to avoid being disarmed.

Yes. Our best reading is that all the things suggested in the Improved Improvised Weapons feature description stack atop things you can normally do with improvised weapons. Based on that, the listed stacking interpretation seems correct.

4) If a Monk character has 4 levels of the Drunken Master PrC, and uses an upended table as a tower shield to get shield type AC, can the monk still get their AC bonus, as well as her fast movement and flurry of blows abilities that round?
No. Monk bonuses to AC are null if the monk is wearing armor or a shield so an improvised Tower Shield would negate those bonuses for the round it is used in that capacity.

5) If the same character in question 4) uses the upended table as a tower shield for total cover, can the monk get their AC bonus, as well as her fast movement and flurry of blows abilities that round?
No. If you are using a tower shield for full cover, whether it be a proper shield or a table, you must give up all of your attacks to do so (as per the SRD). You also cannot move unless you take the table with you or forego the cover (so fast movement is moot). Whether you retain the AC bonus comes down to whether you are actively considered as "wielding" the shield when using it for total cover; We believe you are, which would make this answer entirely "No."
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