Favored Soul

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Favored Soul

Postby A.J. » Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:11 pm

I looked through the search tool and didn't find anything like this, so forgive me if this has been hashed out before.

This is a big question, which would alter the Favored Soul class in such a way, I think, as to make it stronger and more on par with sorcerer (as in that Favored Sould should be to Cleric what Sorcerer is to Wizard), and, since adjustments have been made to the Sorcerer class, perhaps this warrants precedent to improve Favored Soul in a manner consistent with the improvements made upon Sorcerer here.

Yes, I'm asking because I'm making one. :P

Fundamentally, I think it should be looked at in the same way Sorcerer was, in that case, skill review (other than the errata from arcane to religion), bonus feat possibilities, etc.

However, truthfully, my only request is that the class not be dependent on both Wis and Cha for its spell functionality. Sorcerer, at its unmodified core, is not hampered in this way, at least not that I have found.

My Point Is wrote:Can we instead use Charisma as the basis for all Favored Soul spellcasting, not just known, daily, and spell level casting ability, replacing the Wis-based elements with Cha (such as DC and other wis-based spell elements)?

A Favored Soul's DC is based on their Wis score, per the text in Complete Divine. Secondly, there is no language in their write-up in that book adapting any of the Wis bonus modifiers in a spell's description to be instead modified by Charisma.

For example, a spell like Spiritual Weapon, a go-to at low levels for a Favored Soul, has a to-hit bonus based on Wis. There are quiet a few spells like this. Replacing these elements with Cha-based bonuses instead of Wis would mean the FS wouldn't be Multi-Ability-Dependent, insomuch as anyone needs Con and other stats depending on the type of combat they will wage. I believe this would allow the FS to bump other stats and make them more resilient or effective, and therefore of greater worth to the party.

This is one of the classes that I think is very hard to make work well unless wealthy (for stat bump items) because more than one stat should be maxed to get the best functionality. One obviously wants to be able to cast the most spells per day and have the most spells known possible as well as make them the highest DC, while getting the most out of any other stat-based consideration listed in the wording of the spell. Glancing through the spell lists, several divine spells have wis-based modifiers to their descriptors, while I find no arcane spells with Int mods that would hamperer a sorcerer's effective use of them (granted, I didn't look through all of them).

That said, I think Favored Soul would benefit greatly were their DC and any other wis-based spell functionality be shifted entirely to Charisma, as is the case with Sorcerer. It just makes sense.


(Side note: I do understand a Cleric who wants to use Turn Undead as the ability or take feats that burn Turn Undead attempts/day must be M.A.D. between both Wis and Cha, but this is a choice the player makes when they create said archetype, not something their forced into by simply selecting the class)
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Re: Favored Soul

Postby Kemian » Thu Oct 27, 2016 9:24 pm

As previously annotated in this viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3830
thread. The DM team has no plans to make any changes to Core Class rules at this time. This does not mean that we won't revisit this at a later time but we have no plans to do so now.
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Re: Favored Soul

Postby A.J. » Tue Nov 08, 2016 12:52 am

Got it, missed that particular post with the search because the words "Favored Soul" weren't in it. Sorry about that.
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