Halfing Outrider's Mount Feature

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Halfing Outrider's Mount Feature

Postby Balegrog Moog » Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:35 pm

I have a build / rules question. I intend on making a Halfling who does a fair bit of mounted combat and was looking at a few PrC's and Feats when I ran across something. Halfling Outrider has the Class Feature Mount.

Mount: A Halfling Outrider gains a mount appropriate to the resources of her halfling community. Most halfling communities attempt to provide an outrider with a riding dog or a warpony. A halfling outrider may, of course, choose to find and train or purchase a more exotic mount. Standard tack and harness is also provided, though, again, the character may wish to purchase masterwork or magic gear.
Halfing outrider class levels stack with paladin, druid, and ranger levels for determining the characteristics of a paladin's mount or an animal companion.

The ending of this brings up the question of if a character had both a paladin mount and an animal companion would they stack the levels of Halfling Outrider to both. As it says it stacks with paladin, druid, and ranger levels. More to the point it does not have the part within it that the Wild Plains Outrider does where it says you must pick between stacking the levels within that PrC to either, effective Druid level to determine the capabilities of the animal companion, or to effective Paladin level to determine the capabilities of the Special Mount.

Upon asking this in the chat I was given the following response and thus the reason I'm posting in here.

[02:39:18 PM] Kemian: Good question...I am not prepared to answer definitively at this time, At first blush the way you have described it, it sounds like Halfling outrider would stack with all of those, but ONLY up to your Character level.
[02:40:08 PM] Kemian: That is a question that should be addressed by the DM team however.
[02:40:26 PM] Kemian: Can you post that in the Rules questions section of the forums please?
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Re: Halfing Outrider's Mount Feature

Postby Seekerthefallen » Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:25 am

Did a little digging:
According to what I have read. Yes. You apply your level of the PRC, to Druid,Paladin,Rnger when it applies to your Paladin Mount and Animal Companion. Essentially, you would treat their bonus as if you were x levels high by applying your PRC levels.

Paladin 5/Halfling Outrider would count as a paldin 6th in regards to the bonus to mount.

My thoughts. Is that even multiclassing. It only applies to the mount/companion. So. Its not over powering the Character.

Also note: We dont allow for Prcs before you quality at 6th . If I recall. So. At best at 6th its adding a level bonus. I dont think it will be an issue.
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