Charge>Jump>Leap Attack

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Charge>Jump>Leap Attack

Postby Player 1 » Tue Feb 06, 2018 1:48 pm


I've built a character after long absence.

Human Fighter with plans at 6th level to take Leap Attack Feat from Complete Adventurer. The build is simple.

Spear wielding fighter that, when able will charge, jump and stab bad guys in combat, then either move away and do it again(thus at a very slow rate of attack) or stay put and stab faces per normal combat stuffs.

My question is: Is this combo allowed? I assume yes, it is pretty straight forward, Leap Attack doubles(single handed weapon) or triples(2 HW) your power attack damage if you jump 10+ feet into the attack. The question I am worried about is can I combo with charge, since there is a jump in the move rather than simply a charge all the way up to the attack. Again I assume yes, because it's not crazy but thought I would ask.


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Re: Charge>Jump>Leap Attack

Postby Kemian » Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:53 pm

At first blush, I am inclined to say no because RAW - A charge is a full round action in which you move at least 10 feet in a single direction with an attack at the end of the movement.

A Leap RAW is a full round action and requires a leap which requires a change in direction (Jumping up into the air).

You can only perform 1 Full Round action per round. (I will double check and make certain of this.)
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Re: Charge>Jump>Leap Attack

Postby J.C. » Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:47 pm

I believe my Kurik Kothar build addressed this, and here is what I had to make it work.

On a Leap Attack, you add (Atk Penalty) x8 to all those numbers. If you don't leap (or fail the Jump check) and merely charge, it's (Atk Penalty) x3.
Valorous when used in a Charge doubles damage.
Power Attack takes an amount away from your BAB and adds X2 it to damage.
Leap Attack takes the Power Attack amount and X8 to damage. Charge up to 70’ with 10’ Leap at end.
Combat Brute: use Leap Attack w/-5+ to hit the first ROUND AND Power Attack the SECOND round for the same damages.
Combat Reflexes Extra AoO = to Dex mod
Weapon Focus +1 to Hit
Weapon Specialization +2 to damage
Mettle Successful save VS Will/Fort for ½ negates.
Extreme Leap If you make a horizontal jump of at least 10 feet during your turn, you can spend a swift action to move an additional 10 feet on that turn.

Monkey Grip use a size larger weapon with -2 penalty
Strong-arm Bracers Use a size larger weapon with no penalty
Monkey Grip + Strong-arm Bracers = weapon 2 sizes larger with only -2 penalty

Before attacking;
Activate Sizing Sword to Huge
Activate Belt of Righteous Might
Activate Rage

Ian: Yup. With formal Order of Operations indicated, {(2d6+12) + [(12*2)+(12*2)]} x2 + 2d6.
The valorous weapon causes your power attack damage to be multiplied by a total of 8 during a leap attack, or a total of 3 if you don't leap.
Valorous causes all other damage you currently have to be doubled. It doubles your weapon's base damage, your strength bonus, and flat bonuses to damage. It does not double bonus dice, such as are gained by flaming or the like. Crits play into the standard DnD multiplication math. On a valorous charge critical, your non-Power Attack damage is tripled instead of doubled. Your Power Attack damage is increased by x12 instead of x8.

Then again, I could be nuttier than Aunt Martha's fruitcake.

The total build was Barb 14-Ftr 2-Pious Templar 4

Anyone wanting the whole build, PM me.
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Re: Charge>Jump>Leap Attack

Postby Player 1 » Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:49 am

That’s crazy and much more devastating than what I had planned. I just wa t to use Leap Attack and thought it would need a running charge to get going. I’ll look a bit more as well
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Re: Charge>Jump>Leap Attack

Postby Player 1 » Wed Feb 07, 2018 7:28 am

Alright, more digging.

Charge is a full round action but ends with an attack.

Jump is not, but it is part of a move, so a character could run for 20 ft and jump the last 10 and that would be their move for that round.

Leap Attack Feat says it combines a Charge and a Jump so one can make the attack. I suppose the restriction here is you have to pass the Jump check vs just charge in and stab.

I am cool with any decision, just using the feat without the charge is plenty and fits what I want to do. That being said the charge just helps with the offset of the power attack.

Also, if this isn't going to fly, I'd like to change a feat before approval of character.

Thanks and I'll keep looking.

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Re: Charge>Jump>Leap Attack

Postby Arrow-Bolt » Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:11 pm

I think you can running long jump as part of a charge attack as per page 72 of the official WotC D&D 3.5 FAQ
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Re: Charge>Jump>Leap Attack

Postby Ian » Thu Feb 08, 2018 1:14 pm

Arrow-Bolt's correct FAQ citation aside, the description of the feat explicitly states that you combine a jump with a charge to deal more damage. So it's not whether you can jump + charge to use the feat; you actually have to jump + charge to make the feat do its thing. Even if the rules typically prohibited the combo, the feat would make it available for purposes of this action.

Edit to Add: J.C.'s broken down what a high-level build focused on Leap Attack does. It remains a simple build with simple tactics, it just stacks multipliers to achieve obscene single-attack damage in the right tactical situation. It's basically a Final Fantasy dragoon/lancer; you grab a big weapon (typically a polearm to equalize reach) and jump around in open areas to stab single large bad guys in the face stupidly hard. You're slow to spin up and weak against mobs, but you make a great dragon slayer. You don't have to build that way, of course, but it's definitely a solid thing to work toward if such is your inclination.
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Re: Charge>Jump>Leap Attack

Postby Player 1 » Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:53 pm

So, what I have initially proposed is the correct/legal combo.

Also, totally nailed the inspiration for the character. Guilty as charged.

Thanks Ian
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