Best BSF?

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Best BSF?

Postby FiendishXairren » Sat Apr 11, 2015 7:52 pm

Just wondering what the thoughts are on the best Big Stupid Fighter build to protect all the wimpy casters out there?
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Re: Best BSF?

Postby Murdling » Sat Apr 11, 2015 10:06 pm

If you strictly want to protect your caster buddies you want a reach weapon while wearing spiked gauntlets and the Combat Reflexes feat. Maybe go with Improved Trip and a trip capable weapon if you can use those on Attacks of Opportunity. Then you just stack HP and possibly try to get you Will save up as well.
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Re: Best BSF?

Postby Ian » Sun Apr 12, 2015 11:46 am

What Murd said is a good start. Here's the crux of this exercise: If you want to be dealt with before the party casters, it's not enough to stand in front of them--you have to make the enemies deal with you first, which is sometimes hard for a dude with a pointy stick.

Combat Reflexes + a high Dexterity gets you lots of AoOs, and any other thing you can find to increase that number is good. A protective PC needs to be reactive. On that same line, you need to combine a reach weapon and a non-reach weapon, which enables you to threaten both at reach and in close, and take any opportunity you can to increase your size (and thus reach).

In pursuit of the same ideal, you need to have a high Init score, because surprised and flat-footed PCs don't get AoOs. Improved Init, a warning enhancement on your gauntlets, and the alt-feature Hit and Run Tactics (trade heavy armor and tower shields for +2 Init and +Dex to damage vs. flat-footed creatures) are all good here. In taking the AoO approach, you may also want to consider Deft Opportunist (+4 Atk on AoOs) and Karmic Strike (-4 AC, but all enemy attacks against you provoke an AoO).

Improved Trip is a good way to stop passers-by, but doesn't work as well against particularly stable/large/strong creatures. The Stand Still feat works better in those cases (forego damage with your AoO, target makes Reflex DC = 10 + damage rolled or stop in place), and makes a good second option. The Goad feat (move action to force a target to make a Will save, failure means they can't use melee attacks against anyone but you) is yet another option here--it doesn't stop spellcasters or ranged attackers, but it also doesn't rely on your opponent entering your reach.

On a different tactical approach, Combat Expertise and Allied Defense are valid choices. The Allied Defense feat allows you to grant all adjacent allies the same AC bonus you get from Expertise, making them much more difficult to hit (especially if you also take Improved Expertise to remove the +5 limit--and you should if you go this route). It doesn't help against AoE, but otherwise giving a +10 or +15 AC to the squishy folk means you have to be at least accounted for in the enemy strategy.

In terms of equipment, you want an arrow catching shield ASAP, which attracts all ranged weapon attacks aimed at targets within 5 feet of you. It synergizes nicely with both Allied Defense and size increases (because "within 5 feet of you" is a bigger space). You also want a wounding weapon or something like it, because all of the above means you don't have the resources to invest in doing lots of damage, and you need attacks that can get the bad guys' attention quickly. Nothing says "I'm a threat" quite like Con damage. You need the ability to see invisibility (and/or other sensory abilities of similar nature) to see threats that try to sneak past you.

I might have other ideas at some point, but there's a start.
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Re: Best BSF?

Postby Arrow-Bolt » Mon Jun 08, 2015 5:30 pm

-suggest armor razors or armor spikes over a gauntlet when using reach weapon-

-also get a animated shield-
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