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Are We There Yet? Distances to Other Places

PostPosted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 11:11 pm
by Ian
The following list is a guide to how far from the city of Waterdeep one will find the other major cities of northern Faerun. This is a useful reference for DMs and players alike to know how far characters will need to travel to get to places that matter.

To translate this into how long it takes to get somewhere, consult this table in the SRD.

All distances are by the best available road, and are approximate. Going directly overland ("as the crow flies") may cut distance, but may or may not actually cut time, depending on mode of travel. Note that this is fairly common knowledge to characters with any level of Knowledge (Waterdeep local).

Distance List wrote:Anauroch (via the Black Road) 660 miles
Athkatla 950 miles
Baldur's Gate 550 miles
Caer Calidyrr 750 miles (travel by water only)
Candlekeep 720 miles
Daggerford 120 miles
Evereska 750 miles (via the path past Llorkh, between the Greycloak Hills and Forgotten Forest)
Everlund 450 miles
Iriaebor 870 miles
Longsaddle 300 miles
Loudwater 390 miles
Luskan 440 miles
Mirabar 650 miles
Neverwinter 300 miles
Red Larch 100 miles
Scornubel 550 miles
Secomber 260 miles
Silverymoon 500 miles
Westgate 1,370 miles
Yartar 210 miles