The Elfstone Tavern in the North Ward

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The Elfstone Tavern in the North Ward

Postby FiendishXairren » Wed Apr 01, 2015 5:01 pm

Volo’s Guide to Waterdeep wrote:This old, dimly lit tavern stands on the east side of the Street of the Sword, north of Waterdeep Way. It caters to elves and halfelves, and is an earthy-smelling place, where living trees have been encouraged through elven patience and forestry skill to grow up from the cellar and through the taprooms. By day, rooftop shutters are pulled aside to let rain and sunlight in for the trees. By night, dancing lights spells bathe the place in soft, floating, blue motes of light. Here elves gather to drink Evereskan Clearwater (2 gp/tallglass), Moonwine (4 gp/tallglass), Elverquisst (14 gp/tallglass), Guldathen nectar (16gp/glass) and maerlathen blue wine (17 gp/glass), and dine on biscuits spread with roe, shrimp, spiced Silverfin, crab meat, or mint jelly (all 1 gp/platter). You can also eat skewers of sizzled squirrel, rabbit, or venison done in a green sauce (2 gp each). These are so good that the gods would ask for more! Gentle harp, pipe, flute, and choral music is performed and service is fast, near-silent, and graceful. This is a place where dwarves and half-orcs will be driven away, some humans and half lings are tolerated in small parties, and even half-elves are just accepted -- elves can be very supercilious when they choose to be. I saw even the various sorts of elves ignoring or otherwise being rude to each other. However, the mood is usually light or serene, and the owner and staff are moon elves, who welcome all. They will not allow anything to get too far out of hand. If the elven patrons weren’t such snobs, I'’d give this place five full tankards. Go there to taste the food, if not to linger. Proprietress: Yaereene Ilbaereth is the tavern's seemingly unaging proprietress. She is a tall, charming and regal elven woman with silvery eyes, who goes about with a grinning faerie dragon (Thinglo'ragauthamiirs) perched delicately on her shoulder.
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