ERRATA: All Forgotten Realms Specific Sourcebooks

The list of allowed books is here. Any specific errata we've made for those books is likewise here.
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ERRATA: All Forgotten Realms Specific Sourcebooks

Postby Jiriki » Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:53 pm

All FR-Specific Sources
Vile and Exalted Feats, Prestige Classes: Feats or prestige classes with requirements that are specifically only referenced in unapproved materials are themselves banned; other feats, etc. referenced as being [Vile] or [Exalted], but usable without referencing unapproved materials, are allowed. The Celebrant of Sharess in PGtF, for example, is banned because both of its prerequisites are only published in an unapproved book. Feats and classes requiring the BoVD feat Disciple of Darkness are approved, however, as Disciple of Darkness was reprinted in an approved book (Champions of Ruin).

Champions of Ruin
Race - Extaminaar: This race is not allowed for play on this site.
Race - Krinth: This race is considered an ECL+1 race for the purposes of being allowed for play on this site, though its actual Level Adjustment is unchanged.
Prestige Class - Justice of Weald and Woe: Add "Special: Membership in the Eldreth Veluuthra" to the list of entry requirements.

Magic of Faerun
Magic System - Gem Magic: No more than one attuned gem can be affixed to the same creature or object at a time.
Feat - Spellfire Wielder: This feat is not available to any PC character.
Item - Wilding Clasp: This is now called a morphic clasp, and is an item distinct from the wilding clasp described in the Magic Item Compendium.
Special Materials - Gold and Platinum: Ignore the printed damage conversion tables. Instead, gold and platinum weapons simply deal damage as a weapon one size larger.

Faiths and Pantheons
Prestige Class - Heartwarder: The Voice of a Siren class feature grants Greater Spell Focus (Enchantment), not Spell Focus (Enchantment).

City of Splendors: Waterdeep
New Item - Sleep Smoke: This item does not exist. This is not the poison you are looking for. Move along. (Alchemical Sleep Gas, as listed on FRCS p.96, is allowed.)

Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
Paladin: Add Chaotic Good deities to the list of allowed alignments for the deities to whom a paladin may be devoted. This does not change the paladin's own alignment requirement.

Player's Guide to Faerun
Prestige Class - Divine Seeker: Disable Device and Open Lock are both considered class skills.
Feat - Merchantile Background: This feat remains identical to the version presented in the FRCS. (The format of this site makes the newer feat far more easily abused than in a table top game.)
Feat - Spellcasting Prodigy: This feat remains identical to the version presented in the FRCS, in that the primary casting stat is considered higher for both bonus spells and save DCs, not just bonus spells.
Feat - Initiate of Tyr: This feat may also be taken by paladins of at least 7th level.
Spell - Shalantha's Delicate Disk: This spell is banned. Any such disks that exist are relics that cannot be recreated.

Serpent Kingdoms
Spells: A number of spells in this book deal level-based damage but do not list a cap to the number of damage dice they can achieve. Erupt, fang trap, and venomfire are affected by this oversight, while lava splash has an error in the size of damage dice it uses. Alter as follows:
  • Erupt deals a maximum of 200 damage.
  • Fang trap deals a maximum of 15d4 damage.
  • Lava splash deals 1d4 damage/level, to a maximum of 15d4.
  • Venomfire deals a maximum of 10d6 damage. Note: WotC errata also clarifies that the second saving throw line ("None") is removed.
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ERRATA: All Forgotten Realms Specific Sourcebooks

Postby Ian » Fri Mar 27, 2015 5:01 pm

Errata Update Log
- Updated on 11/04/2012. Added clarification on the use of Vile and Exalted feats, prestige classes, etc.
- Updated on 3/25/2014. Banned Shalantha's delicate disk.
- Updated on 1/21/2015. Altered a literally useless class feature for Heartwarder.
- Updated on 2/7/2015. Altered the effects of Gem Magic to prevent wanton Action Economy breakage.
- Updated on 3/27/2015. Added damage dice caps to three spells in Serpent Kingdoms that were missing them, added previous ruling on damage dealt by lava splash.
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