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ERRATA: Drow of the Underdark

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 1:02 pm
by Jiriki
Feats with Spell-Like Ability Requirements: Any feat listing a particular spell-like ability can also be taken by any creature that can cast the listed effect as a spell. If the feat grants an additional use of the SLA and you are a true caster, you instead gain an additional spell slot that can be used only for that specific spell. If the feat requires the expenditure of the SLA, you must sacrifice the prepared spell, or, for spontaneous casters, a spell slot of the appropriate level.

Vile Feats and Prestige Class - Kinslayer: The pre-requisite feats are from an unapproved source, and are thus not supported on the site. The Kinslayer prestige class, which requires these feats, is likewise banned for use.

Feat - Drow Legacy: This feat is treated as a regional feat, following all the rules listed for such feats in the Players Guide to Faerun. The prerequisite line should now read 'Half-Drow (Dalelands, Dambrath)'.

Feat - Paralyzing Fists: This feat gains Rapid Stunning as a prerequisite. (Note that it is not otherwise usable without that feat, as Stunning Blow is limited to one use per round.)

Race - Drow Racial Class: This class is not supported for use on this site.

Race - Half-Drow: Ignore the errata removing darkvision from half-drow.