ERRATA: Complete Divine

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ERRATA: Complete Divine

Postby Jiriki » Mon Aug 05, 2013 1:11 pm

Class - Favored Soul: Replace the listed class skill "Knowledge (arcana)" with "Knowledge (religion)."

Class - Shugenja: This class is not allowed for play on this site.

Class - Spirit Shaman: Like clerics, druids, and other divine spellcasters of the Forgotten Realms, the Spirit Shaman must in fact pick a patron deity in order to cast divine spells. (Common patron deities are the nature deities, plus Dumathoin, Jergal, Kelemvor, Savras, Sehanine Moonbow, and Uthgar--deities who deal with divination, death, and spirits.)

Feats - Faith Feats: This variant system is not used on this site.

Prestige Class - Rainbow Servant, Sacred Fist, Seeker of the Misty Isle: All three of these prestige classes gain full spellcasting at each level, as per the text. (Ignore FAQ advice to the contrary.)

Prestige Class - Rainbow Servant/Warmage: A warmage entering this class does not add the entire cleric spell list to her spells known at 10th level. (Ignore FAQ advice to the contrary.) She does still add all cleric spells to her class list for the purpose of activating spell trigger and similar items, and should she gain the ability to learn additional spells via Advanced Learning or a similar ability, she may select a cleric spell for this purpose. Further, she may select a fourth domain at the 10th level of this prestige class, chosen from any of those offered by the deity she worships, and gain the spells (but not the granted power) of that domain.

Prestige Class - Dweomerkeeper (from Web Enhancement): In the Supernatural Spell class feature, remove the text "does not require any components." Add the following note right before the last sentence in this paragraph: "The dweomerkeeper also does not use any components when using this ability, although a spell that costs XP to cast still does so, and a spell with costly material components instead costs 1/5 that amount in XP."

Prestige Class - Radiant Servant of Pelor: This class becomes known as the "Radiant Servant," and requires patron deity Ilmater, Lathander, or Torm. Replace its normal 5th level ability with the "Extra Greater Turning" ability listed at 1st level. Instead at 1st level, followers of Ilmater and Torm gain Sun as a bonus domain, and followers of Lathander gain Healing as a bonus domain.

Prestige Class - Shining Blade of Heironeus: This class becomes known as the "Shining Blade," and can be taken by followers of Corellon Larethian (elves), Haela Brightaxe (dwarves), Arvoreen (halflings), Gaerdal Ironhand (gnomes), or Tyr/Torm/Helm (humans).

Prestige Class - Temple Raider of Oliddamara: This class becomes known as the "Temple Raider," and requires either Mask or Brandobaris as a patron deity.
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