Players Guide: The Twelve Magic Item Slots, Defined

No house rules or things necessary for play live here, just additional helpful reference materials. Basically think of this section as a bonus sourcebook.

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Players Guide: The Twelve Magic Item Slots, Defined

Postby Keith » Thu Jan 21, 2010 4:18 pm

The Twelve Item Slots and What Fits in Each wrote:Head: Circlets, hats, helmets.
Face: Lenses, masks, earrings (as I've ruled it, though I like to stay away from these because it's not self-evident).
Throat: Amulets, periapts, necklaces.
Shoulders: Cloaks, mantles.
Body: Armor, robes.
Torso: Vests, vestments, shirts.
Waist: Belts.
Arms: Bracers, bracelets.
Hands: Gloves, gauntlets.
Ring-L: Rings.
Ring-R: Rings.
Feet: Anklets, boots, sandals, greaves.
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Re: The twelve item slots defined

Postby Stam » Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:02 am

Taken and reposted from this thread for ease of reference:
Magic Item Compendium Bonus-Slot Affinities wrote:Deflection AC: Body, shoulders.
Armor AC: Arms, body.
Natural AC: Body, [neck], torso.
Charisma: [Face], head, shoulders.
Constitution: Throat, torso, waist.
Dexterity: Arms, feet, hands.
Intelligence: Face, head.
Strength: Arms, hands, waist.
Wisdom: Head, throat.
Energy resistance: Body, shoulders, torso.
Saving throws (resistance): Shoulders, torso.
Everything, Here and Elsewhere: Ring.
[Attack bonus: Arms, hands.]
[Skill Bonus: Same as the ability on which the skill is based.]

[* Custom-add based on existing items.]

Ian wrote:There's still room for a little play in these, especially with the custom-adds (as they're based on WotC precedent, which we know is nothing if not malleable), but they're much more easily interpreted, and give us a concrete basis on which to examine other powers.
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