Players' Guide: Assassin Spells, A Full Compilation

No house rules or things necessary for play live here, just additional helpful reference materials. Basically think of this section as a bonus sourcebook.

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Players' Guide: Assassin Spells, A Full Compilation

Postby Failbhe » Thu Feb 11, 2010 5:44 pm

I believe this is the full compilation of Assassin-specific spells from all our approved materials:

Champions of Ruin
Complete Adventurer
Complete Arcane
Lost Empires of Faerun
Magic of Faerun
Spell Compendium
Drow of the Underdark
Complete Mage
Complete Scoundrel
Players Handbook

(CM) Bloodletting
(CM) Catsfeet
(DotU) Combat Readiness
(Cadv) Critical Strike
(CM) Critical Strike
(SC) Dead End
(PHB) Detect Poison
(PHB) Disguise Self
(Cadv) Distract Assailant
(SC) Ebon Eyes
(PHB) Feather Fall
(PHB) Ghost Sound
(CS) Healer's Vision
(Cadv) Insightful Feint
(Cadv) Instant Locksmith
(Cadv) Instant Search
(PHB) Jump
(SC) Lightfoot
(SC) Low Light Vision
(CS) Mimicry
(PHB) Obscuring Mist
(CM) Reaving Aura
(DotU) Shadow Double
(SC) Shock and Awe
(MoF) Silent Portal
(PHB) Sleep
(Cadv) Sniper Shot
(DotU) Snuff the Light
(SC) Sticky Fingers
(PHB) True Strike
(CM) Vigilant Slumber
(CoR) Woodwisp Arrow

(SC) Absorb Weapon
(PHB) Alter Self
(CM) Animate Weapon
(SC) Blade of Pain and Fear
(CoR) Brilliant Energy Arrow
(PHB) Cat's Grace
(PHB) Darkness
(SC) Fell the Greatest Foe
(SC) Fire Shuriken
(PHB) Fox's Cunning
(SC) Ice Knife
(PHB) Illusionary Script
(PHB) Invisibility
(Cadv) Iron Silence
(SC) Marked Object
(CM) New Horizon
(PHB) Pass Without a Trace
(SC) Phantom Foe
(CS) Smoke Stairs
(CoR) Spellslayer Arrow
(PHB) Spider Climb
(CM) Summon Weapon
(Cadv) Swift Invisibility
(PHB) Undetectable Alignment
(SC) Veil of Shadow

(UD) Amorphous Form
(CoR) Arrow Split
(CoR) Blunt Natural Weapon
(CS) Create Fetch
(CoR) Darkflame Arrow
(PHB) Deep Darkness
(PHB) Deep Slumber
(LEoF) Ebon Ray of Doom
(CM) Enduring Scrutiny
(PHB) False Life
(SC) Fangs of the Vampire King
(SC) Find the Gap
(PHB) Magic Circle Against Good
(PHB) Misdirection
(CM) Nightmare Terrain
(PHB) Nondetection
(CM) Pall of Twilight
(CM) Rusted Blade
(Cadv) Spectral Weapon
(SC) Spider Poison
(CM) Toxic Tongue
(CM) Vital Strike
(SC) Wraith Strike

(CS) Assassin's Darkness
(CoR) Bloodfreeze Arrow
(PHB) Clairvoyance/Clairaudience
(SC) Cursed Blade
(CM) Death Sight
(PHB) Dimension Door
(PHB) Freedom of Movement
(PHB) Glibness
(PHB) Greater Invisibility
(SC) Heart Ripper
(SC) Hide from Dragons
(SC) Implacable Pursuer
(PHB) Locate Creature
(PHB) Modify Memory
(PHB) Poison
(CoR) Shadow Arrow
(Cadv) Shadow Form
(SC) Shadow Form
(SC) Shadow Phase
(Cadv) Sniper Eye
(SC) Snipers Eye
(CM) Trusted Bloodhound
(CM) Unseen Strike
(SC) Vulnerability
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