Players' Guide: Costs of Resurrection

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Players' Guide: Costs of Resurrection

Postby Ian » Fri Nov 01, 2013 11:06 am

It was mentioned earlier in the chat that for purposes of saving up and otherwise "insuring" one's PC against death, we should have a clear note of what it costs to actually bring back a dead PC. I, being into the whole chart/table thing, have obliged.

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Reincarnate               1000        280     1280
Revivify                  1000        450     1450
Raise Dead                5000        450     5450
Resurrection             10000        910    10910
True Resurrection        25000       1530    26530
Wish or Miracle*         25000       1530    26530
Clone                     1000       1200     2200

Casting Cost: This is the standard cost for an NPC caster. Most of you will typically want to add 150 gp for speak with dead (presuming an intact corpse, or at least an intact head) or 950 gp for a commune (if otherwise) to ensure the subject wants to come back, as costs are sunk if the spell is cast and the subject refuses to come. If you and/or your subject are not members of the faith performing the resurrection, expect to likewise be asked to fulfill a task for the church in question.

Wish or Miracle: If the subject is one of the Faithless or False, one of these spells is required in addition to the chosen method of resurrection unless the subject's soul has been otherwise preserved (such as in a soul jar or an object made of thinaun), or unless a clone was created and preserved prior to the subject's death (as the soul transfer occurs immediately in this case, prior to entering Kelemvor's realm).

I also made a quick list of the various limitations imposed by the spells in question.

Code: Select all
                       HP      Abil    Death   Partial No      Inactive                         Time
SPELL        -1 LVL    Damage  Damage  Effect  Body    Body    Undead  Outsidr Elemntl Constrct Limit
Reincarnate  Yes       Yes     Yes     No      Yes     No      No      No      No      No       1 week
Revivify     No        Yes     Yes     No      No      No      No      No      No      No       1 round
Raise Dead   Yes       Yes     Yes     No      No      No      No      No      No      No       1 day/lv
Resurrection Yes       Yes     Yes     Yes     Yes     No      No      No      No      No       10 yrs/lv
True Res     No        Yes     Yes     Yes     Yes     Yes     Yes     Yes     Yes     No       10 yrs/lv
Clone        Yes       Yes     Yes     Yes     Yes     *       *       No      No      No       *

Inactive Undead: No creature can be restored to its living form while still animate as an undead. Once destroyed, true resurrection restores the creature to its pre-undead state.

Clone: The spell works if a portion of the body was preserved prior to death, even if the entire remaining body was destroyed. The spell only works on inactive undead if the sample used to grow the clone was taken prior to the subject becoming undead. The clone can be created at any time after death so long as the sample was taken before death and has been properly preserved.
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