Player Guide: Making Your Own Custom Magic Items

No house rules or things necessary for play live here, just additional helpful reference materials. Basically think of this section as a bonus sourcebook.

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Player Guide: Making Your Own Custom Magic Items

Postby Ian » Tue Feb 03, 2015 4:50 pm

This is a companion guide to Making Your Own Spells. Alas, this is a low-effort guide, insofar as it is currently more of a highlight reel of past posts about what goes into building your own magic items. Use this as a quick-reference list, and remember the basic rules of custom item development:

  • Don't just rely on Table 7-33 in the DMG (or its SRD equivalent). 7-33 is best used for items with powers based entirely on numeric improvement, but even then the chart needs to be applied properly to be useful.
  • Research items similar to what you want to do and either build onto those or use them as benchmarks. Do this research before posting your item.
  • Better to price too high than too low. DMs can always issue refunds.
  • Ian hates custom item pricing, so expect these requests to be a little slower than normal.

That said, have some reference links that I will someday maybe convert into a real post:

To take advantage of making your own magic items as a PC, of course, you will need item creation feats. The following list includes all of the item creation feats listed in books we allow, and the prerequisites for them, in ascending order of when you can qualify for them.
  • Scribe Scroll: CL 1st. Wizards get it for free.
  • Sanctify Relic (CDiv): CL 1st, any other item creation feat.
  • Brew Potion: CL 3rd.
  • Craft Wondrous Item: CL 3rd.
  • Tattoo Magic (RoF): CL 3rd, 1 rank in Craft (artistry).
  • Attune Gem (MoF): CL 3rd (arcane only), Int 13, 1 rank in Craft (stoneworking).
  • Inscribe Rune (PGtF): CL 3rd (divine only), Int 13, 1 rank in Craft (artistry) or Craft (stoneworking).
  • Create Portal (FRCS): CL 3rd, Craft Wondrous Item.
  • Craft Magic Arms and Armor: CL 5th.
  • Craft Wand: CL 5th.
  • Craft Construct (MM1): CL 5th, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item.
  • Craft Skull Talisman (Frost): CL 6th.
  • Craft Rod: CL 9th.
  • Craft Scepter (LEoF): CL 9th, 4 ranks in Knowledge (history).
  • Craft Contingent Spell (CArc): CL 11th.
  • Craft Staff: CL 12th.
  • Forge Ring: CL 12th.
  • Magical Artisan (PGtF): CL 1st, any other item creation feat. This is not a creation feat in itself; it is applied to one other creation feat (just as you apply Weapon Focus to one weapon type), and reduces creation costs (gold and XP) associated with that feat by 25%.
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