Craft Rod - Warlock / Metamagic Rods

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Craft Rod - Warlock / Metamagic Rods

Postby Murdling » Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:16 pm

Within the next couple days I'll be able to hook people up with the following.

Metamagic Rods: As long as you either A: have the feat you want and don't mind not adventuring while your pc helps, or B: find another PC who fits this bill Metamagic Rods are open for business.

Rods of Eldritch Power: I will at the very least have Rods of Eldritch Spear available for the next little while (but not forever, I will swap out of that invocation later and will update this post with the changes in options) which as a Least Invocation will field a market price of 4,000 gold. PC discount will put that more in the 3200 range.


I have a brief window here to get an additional Least or Lesser Invocation swapped into. If anyone has any requests for a Blast Shape or Essence to buy a Rod for now is the time to speak up. Note that Lessers are an option, but they go for 16,000 market and thus at least 12,000 discounted.
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