Sayari LOVES to put her heart and soul in Volunteering

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Sayari LOVES to put her heart and soul in Volunteering

Postby sayari » Wed Oct 15, 2014 5:29 am

Hello again!

I spazzed about this in the chat too, but I don't think everybody picked up on it... In short, Wizards of the Coast asked for community volunteers for each country, with the launch of the 5th edition of DnD, which they keep wanting to call "Dungeons and Dragons", without any tagline. Lol, that won't work.

But anyway, I applied to be a Volunteer, as did my Boyfriend, and a lot of other people who got an urgent e-mail from shop-owners. I filled out a questionnaire, with a lot of cultural analysis and business advice... I know my BF wrote something which underlined his 13 years of experience with DMing... Mine, in contrast? Only 7 years.

So in the middle of Election-season junk e-mails, I get one from a guy named Martin, who is the European coordinator for Wizards of the Coast. It was essentially a MASS e-mail sent to all regional coordinators, to get us connected to each other -- but I was soooo tired when I read that, that it basically flew past me LOL. I realized in the middle of the night about 2 weeks later, that that e-mail was NOT bullshit spam LOL :P

So anyway. I do realize that this choice that Wizards made, is little more than an effort on their parts to understand the clashing cultures of Europe -- BUT!

I can't help but being incredibly honored, and seeing this volunteering opportunity as a chance to really grow.. So if you'll excuse me, I'll be wearing my Selfish Mask, at least until this Halloween. :)

In other news, I am still sick, still on medical leave, still not truly capable of drawing out commissions yet.
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