Some questions from a new guy

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Some questions from a new guy

Postby Recklessfireball » Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:06 am

Hey, there. I have just recently joined and have been spending a fair amount of time reading the forums. I have a few questions before I start on a character.

1) Are there any alignments that you recommend against (or advocate for) playing? I am considering playing either LG, LE, LN or CN, as I enjoy playing all these types.

2) Are there any particular races and classes you would recommend that I play? I am using only the d20 SRD and the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting for character generation (the only sources available to me). I enjoy playing pretty much all races, except elves, and all classes except for bards, druids and paladins.

2) Can I make a thematic, less optimally built character and still have fun here, or do I need to have a super-optimized build in order to enjoy the game? I generally prefer to think more about who my character is, than what my character can do, but I realize that play style is not a good fit for every game.

Thanks for any info you can provide. :)
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Re: Some questions from a new guy

Postby tachus » Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:25 am

to answer basically all the questions in one: play what you want...

to break it down a bit more, nothing is off limits perse unless you branch into the more weird races and all... alignment wise, anything is fine, i would just avoid the 'broody, sit in my corner and drink and not interact' type... makes it hard...

as for optimization, there are already a good number of PCs that i would list and 'non-super-optimized' so if you want to build yours out as a roleplaying, instead of rollplaying, we highly encourage you to base it off who the character is...

if you have any more questions feel free to pop into the OOC chat room and theres usually some people around that can help
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Re: Some questions from a new guy

Postby Murdling » Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:38 am

Yeah Tachus pretty much hits the points I would mention I think. Your PC's alignment doesn't matter anywhere near as much as it's ability to cooperate with it's party members, and you can do that with any of the nine alignments if you can think of a good reason.

The only thing I can say about classes is we always seem to have a shortage of healers (isn't that always the way?) but we get by, and it's infinitely more important that you pick something you can enjoy and get into.

That last sentence is what I'd answer question #3 with too. We do NOT balance our encounters assuming everyone is a twinked out wizard.
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Re: Some questions from a new guy

Postby Ian » Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:48 am

Welcome to the site!

Tachus's answers to your questions are all pretty good. I'll add:

1. Making a PC with the ability to interact socially with other PCs is definitely more important than what alignment s/he is. All four of those you listed are pretty easy to work with in that respect, depending on how sociable the PC is.

Evil PCs should thus be somewhat subtle about their evil (at least outwardly), LG PCs should generally not go out of their way to antagonize folks with their moral superiority, and CN PCs shouldn't brood in the shadowy corner all the time. Our players tend to be good about playing along with most schticks, but their PCs are also faithful about snubbing other PCs that make no effort to get along.

2. As to races, we have too damn many humans, something else would be good to see. If your PC is from Waterdeep, you can pretty much run the gamut--there's a million people in this city and the immediate vicinity, so there's lots of choices. For classes, play what seems fun to you; healers are good, but you'll hopefully be playing the PC for a good long time, so you want something that's enjoyable to work with.

3. We encourage thematic PCs! We have a number of optimizers, and at least an equal number of folks who just want to play a particular concept, and DMs do our best to make sure everyone's playing the same game and having fun regardless.

One note: Often times, even if you're building for concept, you'll get some optimization suggestions in the Out-of-Character room. Don't think anything of it; even the optimizers around here run on the idea of, "Play to your concept, but be the most effective PC you can within that concept."

...or basically what Murd said, since he beat me to the same points. Heh.
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Re: Some questions from a new guy

Postby Recklessfireball » Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:50 am

Okay guys- that's pretty much everything I needed to know. Thanks a bunch. :D
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