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Lists of Useful Links

PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2015 1:06 pm
by Rosemadder
This thread is for a list of useful links for players to use. Please do not post anything that is copyright infringed material. Stick to open source material please, and original approved discussions. Discuss with a DM if you are unsure of content.

I am starting out with the most important, the open source site for the DnD 3.5
Player's Handbook, Dungeonmaster's Guide, and Monster Manual. Also listed on site are some variant rules which we don't use. I use this link daily.

This one has been useful to many and is provided by tooitalian (john) and referenced just about everywhere you go where Forgotten Realms is played. Awesome Forgotten Realms Index.

Post away, and if we see a problem site we will axe the link, no offense. Have to keep from offending the license gods!!