Purpose of This Forum

New players, start here! For the rest of you, new and updated house rules also live here.

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Purpose of This Forum

Postby Ian » Thu Mar 01, 2007 4:54 pm

This forum is basically a reference guide to our game. You'll note it's been split into a number of different sections, listed in descending order of importance:

- Main Forum: The main forum itself is a catch-all for references to the game at large that don't qualify as "house rules" or "errata." Things like player code of conduct, how to use SCORES and make a character, what we expect from players that want to run their own scenes, etc. If you're a new player, read the stickied threads. The others are useful, but the stickies are important.

- Sub-Forum - Resource Errata: What books we allow and what we've tweaked from those books is all listed here. If you're a new player, definitely read Allowed Resources and Errata: Core Rules. The other threads are relevant if you intend to use material from those books, but the two listed affect everyone.

- Sub-Forum - Players' Guide to Waterdeep: This is a collection of references to the in-game setting, describing things like the city's legal code, landmarks, etc. There's nothing truly essential for new players here, but you should eventually familiarize yourself with the setting.

- Sub-Forum - Player Guides: These are all discussions to explain obscure or poorly-understood parts of the rules. If you're not sure how a given part of the game works, check here to see if we've covered it. There's nothing essential for new players here.

It may look like there's a ton of information here and in the House Rules thread, and there is, because a lot of this junk has been accumulating for over a decade in our game. If you limit yourself to the red highlights above, though, it's manageable work and you'll still know just about everything you need to hop right in!
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