Pregnancy and You: A Guide to You Plus 1

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Pregnancy and You: A Guide to You Plus 1

Postby Seekerthefallen » Thu Apr 03, 2014 8:14 am

(Side Reminder: No sexually based RP is allowed on site. This all covers the...after-the-fact.)

Pregnancy and You: A Guide to Being You+1

First things first: There is birth control in the lore of Forgotten Realms.

Nararoot is a tuber that is used as birth control throughout Faerûn. Much cheaper than cassil herbs, nararoot shavings are taken by women. Nararoot can be diluted and steeped into tea for a more pleasant flavor, renders the drinker infertile for a week or two.

Cassil is a shrub that is used by rich men as birth control. Eating a little ground cassil renders a man infertile and unable to propagate for about a week.

With that said, if two Players express a mutual desire to have a child, here are some guidelines.

1) Both players must agree to this. You can't just make that choice yourself. (If nothing else, the other PC involved may be taking one of the aforementioned contraceptives.)

2) You will have to wait the whole pregnancy out in Real Time. So, in 9 months (give or take) you will have the child. There is no method of speeding the process up or slowing it down via magic or whatnot. And Ian will laugh at anyone who asks what the gestational period of an elf is vs. a halfling.

If you plan to go into scenes/adventures:

1) No DM or pDM has to "baby" you. If you're willing go into a combat scene and into a fight, you risk your life, and the infant's. There is not going to be any less combat thrown at you.

Quote Ian:

"Player wants to play a pregnant PC, go for it, but s/he's playing a pregnant PC, not a Magicial Candyland Preggers Fairy with a womb of invincibility +5. The typical adventuring lifestyle of getting shot, clubbed, stabbed, partially eaten, poisoned, set aflame, and worse is kinda-sorta dangerous for a helpless creature the size of a cantaloupe."

Rules on Combat: Quote by Ian. Which I summed up.

In the past, we've invoked a Fort save for the baby whenever the mother was knocked into negatives and/or when the mother had to make a Fort save for herself. (Which makes sense as an admittedly simple reflection of basic biology.)

Players of pregnant PCs must notify DMs or PDMs of this when entering a scene. It doesn't have to be told to the room; private in a PM is fine.

And there you have it.

I will state, that RP based social scenes don't have rules. As you much as words hurt your feelings they don't do much to fetuses...

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