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Rules Review: Your Guide

Postby Seekerthefallen » Thu Apr 03, 2014 8:14 am

Not so new Rules : A review incase you have forgotten

This is just a review to list a few important rules, that appear to have been important but perhaps not wholly followed in the recent months.

Scene Rules:

1) You can not run a scene, that uses your own characters in any part. You can't reference Billy as having the information your players need. When Billy is clearly your own character. You may also not play Billy as though he know all about your scene. ( He may however learn through other PCs about it. Still, can and will not be involved in it. )
2) Any NPC created for the purpose of furthering/plot hooking etc your scenes, again can and will not be a person that knows your characters. He can't ask your players to look for Sally for information. Or be related, etc.
3) You are not suppose to run scenes that involve your own characters. This not not a new rule: If your running something, you know that you can't use your own PCs. Not limited to progression for a class, alignment change. If you need a scene like this, ask a DM/pDM to run it or post a forum board.
4) You may run scenes for a solo PC if, there is no danger. A solo pc has little options when alone with enemies. Rp based scenes are fine.

These are some rules which can get your scene retcon. Most of you are more, if not completely aware of the rules here. Let's keep the game fun and fair, by setting an example for others.


Those little guys that flesh out scenes, offer sales in the market or provide family company in your characters lives.

1) They are not characters. They don't have sheets, and shouldn't be played as though they are. If you must use them, keep them for small flavor. Not for lengthy play, that as nothing to do with Scenes/plot hooking or adventures.
2) Your welcome to have family, or a personal guard: If your Sally the Noble, you should have at least a personal guard. You can have children, spouses and siblings*

3) Exception is NPCS used for Plots: They must be played for that purpose. If your not doing something involving a plot, then you should be playing your characters. This is not a new rule either.

Characters: PCs

1) Characters are not suppose to be related: NPC yes, another player No. A cousin in a noble House in a exception, as long as you share no immediate family members.
2) Your characters can't know each other directly. You can't suddenly suggest, " Oh, go see Sally for your alchemy needs." If your characters can't possibly know in the millions of Waterdeep populace. With an exception: That you can hear about them, from other Pcs. Then you can use what they tell you.
3) Lets not metapost!: If you the PC know something, You can't just have Billy know it to. Also keep in mind, someone else might tell you something about their character. Becareful about letting out candid information, they might not want out.

Alignment: Your actions and reactions..

You know what your alignment is. You picked it for your characters. If you act out of that, the DMs/pDMs are going to keep track.
Maybe you want to change it. Let us know, so we can watch. And if you find you can't play your alignment right, let us help you find a way to work into a new one. Maybe you picked CN, but your PC is more NG.

Additional things to note:

Companion Pets/Familliars and Other things of such:

1) If you order them into battle, expect them to be attacked back. They are not immune to damage, which is why they have hit points.

These are not new rules, and failure to abide will result in some one on one chat time with a DM.

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