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Players' Guide: Being Scene-Bound.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:08 pm
by Jiriki
As most of you have been though it once or twice:

The dreaded loop of someone being unable to come to a scene. Once and awhile that is certainly alright. We are people and our lives should come first. But if you've been locked for now weeks, then you might wonder if there is anything to do about it. Talking it over we came up with a lesser known ruling, but still it stands as this.

From Winter:
Two weeks. That was the unwritten rule explained to me long before I was a DM. If you're locked without play for two weeks you can opt to free yourself. If you do so you are excusing yourself from the scene, and may not be let back in. Exit at your own risk.

What that means is. If you leave, that stops your gaining anything more from this. If it happens to be a 4 nighter, and you left on night 2.. You only get half of what you would have been given if you'd gone fully through. That is the risk, for leaving. But it leaves you an option in case you just want your characters back.

From Winter again:
Take that as a guideline. Not so much a 'rule.' If the person has set a date for 15 days, instead of 14 you might be asked to just set tight. Make sure to send the person running the scene an fpm explaining that you're dropping out of their scene because you have been locked too long, and leave out any snark or passive aggression. Whatever is keeping them away from continuing is probably bothering them enough without compounding it.

Also remember that if you're in a scene lock - you cannot play that character in any other scenes until the lock is lifted.