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Expanded list of FR deities and Domains

PostPosted: Sat Oct 19, 2013 8:39 pm
by Rosemadder
This list is compiled from the PGtF, the PHB, and the site errata for domain conversions. If you find anything missing, please post below for further amendment. di

Monster deities are not included yet beyond just a few; please keep in mind that you need a DARNED good reason to take these sorts of deities if you are not their races.

Finally, Deities not available to PCs due to IC reasons are AO, (whom you can technically worship BUT who won't do CRAP for you in return), Xvim, who has been done to the ultimate death and uhh one other i have to go look up and add here?

Deities from Faerun:

Faerunian Pantheon:

Akadi: N Air, Celerity, Illusion, Travel, Trickery, Windstorm
Auril: NE Air, Black-water, Cold, Evil, Storm, Water, Winter,
Windstorm, Wrath,
Azuth LN Illusion, Force, Magic, Knowledge, Law, Spell
Bane: LE Destruction, Domination, Envy, Evil, Hatred, Law, Pride,
Tyranny, Wrath,
Beshaba: CE Chaos, Envy, Evil, Fate, Luck, Lust, Trickery, Wrath,
Chauntea: NG Animal, Earth, Good, Plant, Protection, Renewal, Summer
Cyric CE Chaos, Destruction, Envy, Evil, Greed, Illusion, Madness,
Pride, Trickery:
Deneir NG Good, Knowledge, Mind, Protection, Rune
Eldath NG Family, Good, Plant, Protection, Purification, Seafolk,
Finder Wyvernspur CN Chaos, Destruction, Greed, Pride, Sloth, Strength, War
Garagos CN Chaos, Destruction, Gluttony, Strength, War, Wrath,
Gargauth LE Charm, Envy, Evil, Greed, Law, Pride, Sloth, Trickery
Gond N Craft, Earth, Fire, Knowledge, Metal, Planning, Pride,
Grumbar N Balance, Cavern, Earth, Metal, Time
Gwaeron Windstorm NG Animal, Good, Knowledge, Plant, Travel
Helm LN Courage, Domination, Inquisition, Law, Planning, Pride,
Protection, Strength
Hoar LN Envy, Fate, Force, Greed, Law, Purification, Retribution,
Travel, Wrath,
Ilmater LG Good, Healing, Law, Purification, Strength, Suffering
Istishia N Blackwater, Destruction, Ocean, Sea-folk, Storm, Thirst,
Travel, Water
Jergal LN Death, Death-bound, Fate, Law, Repose, Rune, Suffering
Kelevmor LN Fate, Law, Protection, Repose, Travel
Kossuth N Destruction, Fire, Renewal, Sand, Suffering, Wrath,
Lathander NG Competition, Force, Glory, Nobility, Protection, Renewal,
Strength, Summer, Sun
Lliira CG Chaos, Charm, Community, Family, Good, Liberation,
Lust, Sloth, Travel
Loviatar LE Domination, Evil, Law, Lust, retribution, Strength, Suffering
Lurue CG Animal, Chaos, Good, Healing, Summoner
Malar CE Animal, Chaos, Evil, Gluttony, Moon, Strength, Wrath,
Mask NE Celerity, Darkness, Envy, Evil, Greed, Luck, Sloth, Trickery
Mielikki NG Animal, Good, Plant, Travel, Summer,
Milil NG Charm, Good, Knowledge, Nobility, Sloth, Travel
Mystra NG (LN) Good, Illusion, Knowledge, Magic, Mind, Rune, Spell
Nobanion LG: Animal, Good, Law, Nobility, Pride,
Oghma N: Balance, Charm, Knowledge, Luck, Mind, Pride, Travel,
Red Knight LN: Courage, Law, Nobility, Planning, War
Savras LN: Dream, Fate, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Mysticism, Oracle,
Selune CG: Chaos, Good, Moon, Mysticism, Oracle, Protection, Travel
Shar NE: Cavern, Darkness, Envy, Evil, Knowledge, Madness, Pride,
Sharess CG: Chaos, Charm, Envy, Good, Lust, Sloth, Travel, Trickery
Shaunkadul CN: Air, Celerity, Chaos, Portal, Protection, Summoner, Trade,
Travel, Windstorm
Shiallia NG: Animal, Good, Plant, Renewal, Summer,
Siamorphe LN: Domination, Knowledge, Law, Nobility, Planning, Pride,
Silvanus N: Animal, Plant, Protection, Renewal, Summer, Water,
Sune CG: Chaos, Charm, Good, Lust, Protection, Pride,
Talona CE: Chaos, Destruction, Envy, Evil, Hunger, Pestilence,
Talos CE: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Sand, Storm, Weather,
Windstorm, Wrath,
Tempus CN: Chaos, Competition, Pride, Protection, Strength, War,
Tiamat LE: Evil, Law, Scaly-kind, Tyranny
Torm LG: Good, Healing, Law, Pact, Pride, Protection, Strength
Tymora CG: Chaos, Glory, Good, Luck, Protection, Sloth, Strength
Tyr LG: Good, Knowledge, Law, Pride, Retribution, War
Ubtao N: Balance, Planning, Plant, Pride, Protection, Scaly-kind
Ulutiu (Slumbering) LN Animal, Cold, Law, Ocean, Protection, Seafolk,
Strength, Winter
Umberlee CE: Blackwater, Chaos, Destruction, Envy, Evil, Gluttony,
Ocean, Pride, Seafolk, Storm, Thirst, Water, Wrath,
Uthgar CN: Animal, Chaos, Retribution, Strength, War, Winter, Wrath,
Valkur CG: Air, Chaos, Good, Ocean, Protection, Seafolk, Windstorm,
Velsharoon NE: Blackwater, Death, Death-bound, Envy, Evil, Greed, Magic,
Pride, Undeath
Waukeen N: Balance, Envy, Knowledge, Pride, Protection, Sloth, Trade,
Travel, Wealth

Dwarven Pantheon

Abbathor NE Dwarf, Evil, Greed, Luck, Trade, Trickery, Wealth
Berronar Truesilver LG Dwarf, Family, Good, Healing, Law, Pact,
Clangeddin Silverbeard LG Courage, Dwarf, Good, Law, Strength, War, Wrath,
Dugmaren Brightmantle CG Chaos, Craft, Dwarf, Good, Inquisition, Knowledge,
Dumathoin N Cavern, Craft, Dwarf, Earth, Greed, Knowledge,
Metal, Pride, Wealth, Protection
Gorm Gulthyn LG Dwarf, Good, Law, Protection, War,
Haela Brightaxe CG Chaos, Dwarf, Good, Luck, War,
Marthammer Duin NG Dwarf, Good, Protection, Travel,
Moradin LG Graft, Dwarf, Earth, Good, Law, Protection,
Sharindlar CG Chaos, Charm, Dwarf, Good, Healing, Lust, Moon,
Thard Harr CG Animal, Chaos, Dwarf, Good, Plant, Wrath,
Vergadain N Dwarf, Gluttony, Greed, Luck, Sloth, Trade,
Trickery, Wealth,

(and those weird guys)
Deep Duerra LE Domination, Dwarf, Evil, Law, Mentalism, War
Laduguer (Duergar) LE Craft, Dwarf, Evil, Force, Law, Magic, Metal, Protetion

Elven pantheon:

Aerdrie Faeryna CG Air, Animal, Chaos, Elf, Good, Storm, Weather,
Angharradh CG Chaos, Elf, Good, Knowledge, Mind, Plant,
Protection, Renewal, Summer
Correllon Larethian CG Chaos, Community, Elf, Force, Good, Magic,
Protection, War
Deep Sashelas CG Blackwater, Chaos, Elf, Good, Knowledge, Ocean,
Seafolk, Water
Erevan Ilesere CN Chaos, Elf, Luck, Sloth, Trickery
Fenmarel Mestarine CN Animal, Chaos, Elf, Liberation, Plant, Trael
Hanali Celanil CG Chaos, Charm, Elf, Good, Lust, Magic, Protection
Labelas Enoreth CG Celerity, Chaos, Elf, good, Knowledge, Time
Rillifane Rallathil CG Chaos, Elf, Good, Plant, Protection
Sehanine Moonbow CG Chaos, Dream, Elf, Good, Illusion, Knowledge,
Moon, Mysticism, Travel
Shevarash CN Chaos, Courage, Elf, Inquisition, Pact, Pride,
Retribution, War, Wrath,
Solonor Thelandria CG Chaos, Elf, Good, Plant, War

Gnome Pantheon:

Baervan Wildwanderer NG Animal, Gnome, Good, Plant, Travel
Baraver Cloakshadow NG Gnome, Good, Illusion, Madness, Protection,
Flandal Steelskin NG Craft, Gnome, Good, Metal
Gaerdal Ironhand LG Courage, Gnome, Good, Law, Protection, War
Garl Glittergold LG Craft, Community, Gnome, Good, law, Protection,
Segojan Earthcaller NG Cavern, Earth, Gnome, Good
Urdlen CE Chaos, Earth, Envy, Evil, Gluttony, Gnome, Hatred

Callarduran Smoothhands (*Svirfneblin*) N Cavern, Craft, Earth, Gnome

Arvoreen LG Courage, Good, Halfling, Law, Protection, War
Brandobaris N Greed, Halfling, Luck, Sloth, travel, Trickery,
Cyrrollalee LG Family, Gluttony, Good, Halfling, Law, Pact, Sloth,
Sheela Peryroyl N Air, Charm, Halfling, Lust, Plant, Sloth,
Urogalan LN Death, Earth, Halfling, Law, Protection, Repose
Yondalla LG Community, Family, Good, Halfling, Law,

Orc Pantheon
Bahgtru CE Chaos, Evil, Orc, Pact, Strength, Wrath,
Gruumsh CE Cavern, Chaos, Competition, Domination, Evil, Hatred,
Orc, Strength, War
Ilneval NE Courage, Destruction, Evil, Orc, Planning, War
Luthic NE Cavern, Earth, Evil, Family, Healing, Lust, Orc
Shargass CE Chaos, Darkness, Envy, Evil, Greed, Orc, Trickery
Yurtrus NE Death, Destruction, Evil, Orc, Pestilence, Suffering, Wrath,

Drow Pantheon—For those who Absolutely Must
Eilistraee CG Chaos, Charm, Drow, Elf, Good, Lust, Moon, Portal
Ghaunadaur CE Cavern, Chaos, Drow, Evil, Hatred, Slime
Kiaransalee CE Chaos, Deathbound, Drow, Envy, Evil, Pride, Retribution,
Lolth CE Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Drow, Evil, Pestilence,
Spider, Trickery
Selvetarm CE Chaos, Drow, Evil, Spider, War, Wrath,
Vhaeraun CE Chaos, Drow, Evil, Greed, Pride, Travel, Trickery, Wealth

Monster Deities (to be finished later)

Bahamut LG Dragon
Laogzet Hunger
Tiamat CE Dragon