Calendar of Harptos (or "What Year Is It?")

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Calendar of Harptos (or "What Year Is It?")

Postby Jiriki » Sat Oct 26, 2013 8:50 am

Not for the first time, people have asked what day it is, what month it is, how it relates to the real world. So, I found this! I hope it clears things up.

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Re: Calendar of Harptos

Postby Rosemadder » Sun Oct 27, 2013 9:04 am

Well added.
In addition, during many various times of day, the devout of Faerun will need to stop and pray to their deities and or perform other reverences at various times, sometimes once, sometimes MANY times each day, depending on classes. Multi-class characters could be VERY busy indeed!

Here are some sample times from the most common Faerunian Deities:
Morning, various times
High Tide
Highsun (noon)

And each might have some subtle variations to their theme, + minor rituals to be performed, EVEN if one is HIDING one's deific allegiance.

The point to this post is: throughout the day, expect in a populated area to see various people stopping even in public to give reverence or even pray for spells, or need to go off to pray for spells, or rushing to a temple or shrine.
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Re: Calendar of Harptos

Postby Ian » Sun Feb 16, 2014 6:11 pm

Dates in Context!

To put the above information into terms you all can use:

Current Date:
The current Gregorian (real-world, as of this post) date is: 16 February 2014
The current Harptosian (in-game, as of this post) date is: 16 Alturiak 1382 DR

As a loose guide, you can simply equate the month of Harptos to the Gregorian month and be close enough for government work. Because Harptosian months are 30 days, several months are off by a day or two; for example, all days in Ches come two days before their equivalent in March, and all days in Tarsakh come one before their April equivalents. Don't fret too hard about it.

Day of Week:
There are ten days in a Faerunian week (which is instead called a tenday or a ride). Days are known by their number, not a name--there is no "Wednesday the 16th," it's "the sixth day of the second ride of Alturiak."

Time of Day:
The time of day in-game is fairly flexible; it can be set or changed by a DM for a scheduled scene, and otherwise is typically set by the first person into a particular room. Pending any good reason to change it, however, it's usually whatever the current time is in the U.S. Eastern Standard Time zone (EST).

In-character, very few people have a clock, and thus few have any concept of minutes or seconds. Most people will describe the time of day by the number of bells sounded by the palace's bell tower, or by intuitive vagaries such as: Dawn, High Tide, Mid-Morning, Highsun (noon), Mid-Afternoon, Dusk, Sundown, or Highmoon (midnight).

On The Counting of Years:
The year as described above is measured by the calendar of Dalereckoning. Other methods of counting the years exist on Toril, just as they do in the real world; many people in Waterdeep and the surrounding region use Northreckoning (NR), which begins its count from 1032 DR (the year of the first Open Lord). By that calendar, the year is currently 350 NR.

In short, DR is what all the FR books use, but NR is what characters are likely to use IC.

Note: The Blackstaff is working with other scholars around Faerun to attempt standardizing everyone on a single calendar called Present Reckoning. That calendar starts at the Time of Troubles (1358 DR), which would make the current year 22 PR. It hasn't really caught on, but some scholars might be heard using it in-play.

There is no Shieldmeet this year. The last Shieldmeet was in 1380 DR, and the next one will be in 1384 DR.

The Roll of Years:
Augathra the Mad's prophecies led her to create a list of all the years of Dalereckoning out to 1600 and name them for a prophecy she had regarding events from that year. Parts of this list went missing over time, and Alaundo the Sage (who many people believe actually made the roll) filled in the blanks and changed some entries based on his own visions.

OOCly, while we are currently in the year 1382, the various FR supplements start at 1372 and only cover events into the year 1374. (Yes, that means all the cazy, earth-shattering crap in those books happens in only two years.) Further, not all of those events have happened in our game yet. Because of this, consider the names of all years from 1372 to the beginning of the list official, and reasonably consider any name past about 1390 official. Everything in between...might get shuffled a bit depending on if certain canon events get moved around.
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