Bonus Types and Stacking

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Bonus Types and Stacking

Postby Murdling » Thu Mar 26, 2015 3:31 pm

This came up in the ooc as something that might be beneficial for us to have around as a general guide.

I'll break this up into categories, as much as I have to.

Armor Class

This might actually be the most complicated section because of how different types bend rules and which sets of bonus apply to which class of AC (total, touch, and flat-footed) Unless otherwise noted here none of these stack with themself.

--Common Types--
Armor (Applies to: total, flat-footed)
Shield (Applies to: total, flat-footed)
Natural (Applies to: total, flat-footed)
--Note: Some sources of Natural Armor say they improve an existing NA total, that's important because it essentially talks it's way around stacking with itself.
Deflection (Applies to: total, flat-footed, touch)
Luck (Applies to: total, flat-footed, touch)
Dodge (Applies to: total, touch) (STACKS WITH ITSELF)
Sacred/Profane (Applies to: total, flat-footed, touch)


Base Attack
Masterwork (Does not stack with Enhancement)
Weapon Enhancement
Ability Bonus (Usually STR or DEX)
--Damage is always calculated on STR (Some classes also add INT)
--Accuracy is usually STR or DEX, unless using Weapon Finesse or Zen Archery
Special Material (If it adds damage it does not stack with Enhancement)
Morale (Mostly this happens if you have a Bard around.)


Generally speaking skill bonus types never stack with themselves, with the semi-exception of Circumstance bonuses. Those can stack assuming they come from different sources.

Typically you will end up fielding Competence, Circumstance, and maybe Synergy bonuses to your skill rolls. (Competence is generally from magic items and Circumstance is generally environmental or from masterwork tools.)

Morale (Mostly this happens if you have a Bard around.) and Insight/Other Bullshit bonuses may also filter in from time to time but those three are the most common. (Note: The statement 'other bullshit bonuses may also filter in' basically applies to every single roll type in the game at one point or another.)


Enhancement (Usually from Spells or Items) (STACKS with Inherent)
Inherent (Usually from Wishes or Manuals) (STACKS with Enhancement)
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