Rule Changes: Char. Slots and ECL Availability

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Rule Changes: Char. Slots and ECL Availability

Postby Ian » Wed Jun 10, 2015 8:53 am

Rule Changes: Character Slots and ECL Accessibility Adjustments

After some discussion among the DMs, we have decided to change the rules a bit regarding character slots and the availability of Level-Adjusted character races.

Please note that the DMs are continuing to discuss other large-scale changes to the game. We anticipate requesting community feedback on those changes in the near future, so stay tuned, and bear with us as we put those ideas together.

The changes are as follows:

Character Slots: Players may now have up to four character slots. The availability of character slots beyond the first doesn't change:
  • You need to wait 30 days after the approval of your first PC to make your second, to make sure you enjoy playing here before you spend a whole lot of time with us working on PCs.
  • You need to wait 90 days after the approval of your first PC to make your third. Again, we're looking to make sure you enjoy the experience and are going to hang out before you toss a bunch of PCs at us.
  • The availability of a fourth PC is simultaneous with your third.

The reasoning for this change: After some review, the DMs concluded that adding a fourth slot gives long-term players some opportunity to maintain PCs in a wider level range, assisting us in welcoming new players to the community. Further, some players are clearly active enough to invest in and maintain four PCs, and we feel this indulges those who have that kind of energy to devote to the game without being unfair to those who don't or substantially increasing our DMs' management load.

Level-Adjusted Characters: We are doing away with roll-offs and a small designated number of total slots for special races. Instead, all players who are eligible for at least three character slots are eligible to have one of those characters be of a race on the Level-Adjustment list. This does not change the list of LA+1 (or LA+1 by rarity) races available to be played.

The reasoning for this change: When we first started allowing level-adjusted races, we anticipated a major push towards them, and sought to try and ensure both demographic balance and to prevent a bum-rush of "gimmick" characters that were more about being weird than about their roleplay potential. Neither of these concerns ever really came to pass, and the current rules create some tension between players that we feel is neither necessary nor of benefit to the community. We feel this adjustment resolves most or all of the current issues with these rules, while still ensuring that those who do play level-adjusted races are familiar with our game and experienced enough to get the full benefit. Plus, it's simpler to manage!

Retirement Options: These rule changes do change the options available to players when retiring a 20th-level PC. You now have two options when retiring a 20th-level PC:
  1. You may opt to keep your Level 20 character. You can and are encouraged to continue roleplaying that character, and you can even take it out on adventures. You will simply never advance past 20th level.
  2. You may opt to retire your Level 20 character from adventuring, and it becomes an NPC. (You may continue to play it for roleplay purposes, and roleplay purposes only.) You may replace it with a new PC of any level you choose.

The reasoning for this change: The other options that were formerly available simply no longer make sense given the rules changes above.
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