CODE OF CONDUCT: Your Guide to the Basic Rule around here

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CODE OF CONDUCT: Your Guide to the Basic Rule around here

Postby Seekerthefallen » Thu Oct 13, 2016 1:31 pm

Digital Dreaming is a community, and players are expected to act as members of the community. Above all else, observe the Golden Rule while you are here. The internet is not some mystical realm where feelings are not hurt, where words are meaningless and friendship is fake. When you are here, you should always be mindful of your actions and never say or do anything here that you would not do in the physical presence of the other community members. In light of this philosophy, the Code of Conduct is rather simple:


1) Do not argue with the Storyteller or Moderator.
-- Let's make this one clear. If a DM/MOD makes a ruling under no circumstances are you to go around that person to another of the staff. If you do you may be warned, and any further instances will result in a ban. Anything that happens in a scene, is cannon. Only a DM/MOD may retroactively reverse things that happen within.

2) No cyber-sex is allowed on the site. Period.
-- This means any and all sexually explict content in the course of rp. If you feel the need for that manner of content, please FADE TO BLACK (ftb). This sort of behavior is not the type of content we want in our public and private chats. The internet has a host of other locations/programs for this sort of activity, please take this there.
-- This not limiting characters in forming relationships, marriages, having children. ( See Post on Pregnancy) This is mere directed at the content of sexuality, sex in the chat.

3) Do not cheat, which includes using Out-of-Character information In-Character (metagaming).
--Meta-Gaming, is the act in which you learn something out of character, and suddenly apply it in an in characters way. It is usually content that your character would not have otherwise have known. This is extremely unacceptable
--Keep in mind Meta-Gaming applies to knowledge one character might know and your other does not. That would be another example. Your characters live in a large city, they do not know each other directly.

4)Do not make racist, sexist, homophobic or other hateful comments Out-of-Character.
--This is just common sense. If you can't say something nice, then really don't come in the OOC.
--This actually only applies to the OOC, characters themselves are okay to have natural racism were applicable. Keep in mind, you still must play in a way that is fun, safe and good for all people involved.

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