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Happenings in the Docks

PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 12:23 am
by Guest
The Docks Ward of Waterdeep was the source of a great deal of commotion today when a Thayan merchant vessel sank off the coast after being ambushed by pirates whom the Thayan’s fought to the bitter end. Immediately after the survivors came to shore on lifeboats, the docks were then swarmed by Thayan ambassadors who quickly demanded that any salvage operation of the vessel by outsiders would be considered an act of war against Thay.

While members of the Magistrate quickly agreed to abide by the wishes of the Consulate, a noticeable increase of city watchmen began patrolling the Dock Ward for the rest of the day. This increase in security had the unintended side effect of leading to the largest arrest of illegal smuggling into the city when no fewer than four ships were caught attempting to unload contraband. A fact which has not endeared the Thayan embassy to the local thieves guild.

Among these vessels, ironically was a second Thayan merchant ship caught attempting to sneak in a rare but potent alchemical substance that has a unique affect on dwarven physiology. This highly addictive powder induces an effect similar to the trance many barbarian cultures experience during combat to make them such fearsome combatants, although prolonged use invariably results in madness followed by death. Though the Thayan embassy denies such rumors, it’s been said that they had planned on selling the substance on the black market.

By nightfall the Thayans had executed their own salvage operation of the sunken vessel that had been the source of all the chaos and returned to the embassy, however the increase in city Watch would remain for several more days. Likely in order to restore a sense of peace into an area of the city which is much rumored to be a bastion of crime from illegal duels to open thieving.