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Desperate Search.... (slight attn to House Wands people)

PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2008 1:20 pm
by tachus
Sambiir was at a loss. How was he to fit into the nobility crowd, when he was so constantly shut out of it? How do you make others stop viewing you as a commoner, and finally treat you as one of them? Sambiir dredged his mind to find out what made him different from them. They knew they were nobles because they were born that way. They knew the deeds of their ancestors and why they were raised above.

Yet Sambiir.... He barely knew anything of his newly found family. What had made the House Wands rise above the others? Who had fought so fiercely to make this House, which he never knew even existed til recently, stand out from the rest?

Perhaps that was why he was not accepted. Because he did not know what made him different. He soon began leaving his shop more often than before, spending countless hours in the libraries in the Wands family villa, pouring over books of his ancestors deeds. Occasionally he can be seen standing in front of the Wands family tomb. He is never seen going inside it though, mearly standing there looking at it whistfully, before always walking away, looking slightly more depressed than he did upon arriving there.

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