Form Trust till Dawn

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Form Trust till Dawn

Postby Serpent Axis » Sun Jun 08, 2008 2:57 pm

Tending to her own wound first was an instinct to her. She was in no rush. Others would be appalled by the conditions. She never places any light in here. The only ongoing crusade against the perpetual darkness is led by the sun, whose rays penetrate through cracks and openings as well as washing through the missing part of the roof and the second floor.
Nobody seems to come here, ever. Except for the things in the shadows – the ones who make noises and hisses, the crawling things in the ruined walls. This part of the neighborhood is rather bleak. That’s why she chose it at the time. Now, she simply uses it to do something nobody expected of her to do – especially Varra herself – and nurse another to his health. She laid him on the mattress she used to sleep, and tended to his wounds as best she could. She took her time, carefully repeating the lessons she learned over his body. His sleep didn’t seem peaceful to her – he was a mumbling thing, whispering incoherently perhaps, or she was simply far too busy to pay much attention to the mumblings of a strange man talking out of his sleep. It took a while, but she used up her patience well.

It seems so long since she used her patience first like that. And seeing Irontusk sent her back there for a moment. To the moment she earned the name Turnskull.

She looked at him, a mixture of haughty contempt and a moment of impossible pity and swirling with that hunger. She wasn’t the trusting sort – her homeland taught her otherwise – but she needed sleep and couldn’t leave him alone. She quietly crushed a bottle of glass under her foot, spreading the shards on the stairs in case someone comes calling without warning. She decided to take her chances with the stranger. Sliding down in the darkened corner after taking off her armor and shield. She did take his boots away and spread some glass on the floor in front of her corner – just in case she couldn’t trust the human.

Trust, in Varra’s homeland, was struck after it was ensured the other side can’t break it.
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