Heroes of the Morninglord

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Heroes of the Morninglord

Postby Xairren » Mon Jan 01, 2007 9:50 pm

Gevyen Tallmer, a Lathander cleric, recently visited the Bright Blade Brandished to post a notice for investigators. He was surprised by an immediate response from several local heroes. Aza-Ghal Mortognir, Dorgan Zook Blackrock, Jiriki Lurc, Syllain and Tyrani Zurack all traveled for five days in the winter cold to search for the ruins of an ancient temple. Fortune was with them as the moved from clue to clue, finally triggering an ancient rune that gave Aza-Ghal a vision the ruins as they once where. Using that vision the group was able to find the small hidden valley and the ruins. They then collected the evidence that was asked for and more. It was then that they decided to investigate further. Within the ruins of the temple, to their shock and horror, the group discovered a guardian. And it was not just any guardian, but the ghost of a long dead Knight. Aza-Ghal and Lurc managed to stand in its presence when it tried to force them away and before the Knight decided to take things any further the party wisely decided to quickly leave the ruins.

Gevyen is very apperceive of the proof and information the group gathered and has asked that they be honored by the Lathander temple. Each has received a small token of honor as befits a hero of the Morninglord.

(OOC: I very much enjoyed this scene. Thank you all.)
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Postby Shandiir » Tue Jan 02, 2007 4:33 pm

(OOC: We all enjoyed being there!! Looking forward to going back!)
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