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Soothing Rages ((atten: ManiumX and ManiumXers))

PostPosted: Sat Jun 21, 2008 2:24 pm
by Serpent Axis
((OOC: Assuming the time set for the next session of ManiumX's plot is the timing most comfortable for everyone and that you guys don't yet love me enough to move it just for lil o' me, and assuming this will save you guys precious time when the session begins, I've decided to take the initiative and do something for you. You really don't have to reply - but if you do, please don't write explicit "secrets" uncovered in the last scene and others like it.. hint towards things, go around them, just be subtle about it please..))

The sound of metal hitting stone fills the room as the heavy mace slips from her quivering hand. Varra's lupine eyes close, dams to the tears that trickle from it. She draws a deep breath as she lowers her shield and leans back against the wall. She raises her head up, resisting the urge to release a loud, ear-shattering yell. She swallows her wrath and forces her black lips to open and release the words that climb through her throat.

"F..give my.. outburst.." she finally says with a raspy, suffocated voice "my charming hosts here... succeeded in getting me to it.." the party might recall the succession of Orcish curses that thundered through the hallway before their arrival. Varra draws another breath as she slides slowly onto the floor, sitting against the wall and open her eyes.
"You're right..." she says looking at the other cross-breed and says in the common tongue "t'be honest.. I wasn't sure how long I'll be kept there.." her voice suffocates again and she swallows and breathes once more "this man-" she says pointing at Haggrath "-forced.. made traps for them.. he can help you.." her eyes begin to close and she seems to fight them back open "I owe you my thanks.. then I swear to you.. by my eyes, I'll go to where you asked and wait for your return.. and I won't harm the.. the man.." her voice seems to suffocate and she picks up her mace and use it to get to her knees, then she rises slowly and straps back the mace to her belt, her shield held by her hand.

((OOC: Any Sense Motive checks or spells that discern the truth will reveal only that she is actually truthful and honest right now and from this point, she can walk to the other room as they asked or remain in this room.. either way she remains true to her word and doesn't try to kill or torture anyone))