Not so Quite Night at the 'Swain

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Not so Quite Night at the 'Swain

Postby Guest » Fri Jun 27, 2008 12:51 pm

As last evening wore on, with demi-noble von Hamartia happily entertaining the occupants of the Angry Coxswain on a badly out of tune old piano, the Thayan Tyrani overheard some disturbance outside. As she and several others went to investigate, they were shocked to find a badly injured local running in panic their way, with a mass of assorted vermin hot on his heels.

As the group prepares for what promises to be an ugly encounter with hundreds of seemingly rabid and mangy dogs, cats, rats, and a myriad of biting and stinging insects... Faust attempts to slow them down with a powerful blast of eldritch magic.. that strikes a single creature only... and causes him some dismay.

The screaming and bloody victim, falls under the mass of pesky vermin... as a clever priestess companion of Celishi Keltell sweeps the area with a powerful wind force, that literally scatters the ravaging vermin into the air...

The group, along with a floating Corvis Kelnarath, and a street waif with pet rat, hunt the area for a source. And discover nearby a bloodied alley, with fur bits on walls and everywhere. After some discussion and more thorough searching discover some items they take with them to explore further.

Some disgruntled patrolmen are finally tracked down and after the witnesses give statements, are left to tend the mess.

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