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Re-a-bile-attention (Or: Varra at the Temple of Lathander)

PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2008 2:05 pm
by Serpent Axis
Noontime shadows shorten as Varra commits the ruthless murder of the last weed in the gardens. Her simple cloth-and-leather dressing are stained somewhat by the work. She wipes off the sweat on her forehead and sends a baleful glare at the gaunt figure standing in front of her.
"A splendid clearing" his voice is as old as the wrinkles on his gaunt face "now I have another chore, if you would be so kind..." he announces in a plain voice.
Varra stands up and stares at him sullen.
"I want to prepare a fireplace, but I need some new logs, if you can cu--" his words are lost as Varra then turns and walks, taking up a small working axe and making her way to the stub.

Her hands place the log on the stub and she raises her axe in the air... - then lowers a powerful swing with her mace on the wooden shield. "Don't smooch around with him, Turnskull, finish him!" the gruff voice of the instructor shouted from behind her. Long hours of swings, thrusts and painful blows since before dawn have left her bruised, sweating and gasping for air. Her opponent, the other cadet, wasn't in any better shape but he took another swing of his own which she was too slow to block. "You're an embarassment to your Lord, Turnskull!" the gruff voice shouted from behind as she felt the club's head sinking into her stomach. She took the opportunity to swing at his leg...
- and the fourth log was carved right in the middle, sending one of the pieces flying right onto the ground and the other over a patch of flowers she had just spent the last hour trying to arrange right...