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New ring in a display case...

PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 9:56 pm
by Stam
Two days after the little 'incident' involving the former Captain Galarus, Talia spends twenty minutes polishing and smoothing a single, elegant ring of forteen-carat gold. The ring was an old friend, having graced her finger for the better part of two years, and had shielded her with its delicate influence from a number of threats.

But now, it was time to pass it on. Its elegantly-crafted replacement, one of the spoils of the mad captain's loot, now gleamed in all its rose-gold splendor on her right hand. And after carefully smoothing out the fine scratches of daily wear, and polishing the ring until it gleamed, Talia added her old ring to her display case.

Display Note wrote:Elegant but simple 14 kt gold.
Holds a minor enchantment to shield the wearer from physical harm - the enchantment subtly bends attacks away from the wearer.
Sizing: Resizes to fit the wearer.
History: Has faithfully shielded the wearer from major harm for two years, a duration which includes several hazardous periods of note. Ask the proprietress for detail.

As with all The Discerning Eye's wares, there is no price listed. That is always left for discussion with the proprietress.

[OoC: Ring of Protection +1, for sale to the right PC!]