Vesta's Vestments closed for repairs

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Vesta's Vestments closed for repairs

Postby Rosemadder » Thu Jul 10, 2008 10:45 pm

Alaria, Evander and Kalvren got off lucky.

After battling a number of violent undergarments and furniture, getting caught in a nasty trap spell-- or Alaria did, in any case--they finally managed to leave the store behind, with Evander grabbing the patchwork cloak once belonging to the late hero Baradir. The Watch came, and the Grey Hand with them managed to put a halt to the interior violence, gather the body left there, and take Alaria and Evander to the headquarters for medical treatment and a debriefing.

The crowd gathered outside Vesta's had a lot to say about all three heros, and spoke well in their behalf, though one of them had run up, nailed the offending furniture inside to keep the market safe, then zipped off in the crowd before the watch Coudl thank him properly.

After asking a lot fo questions, after takign their contact information, Alaria and Evander were asked to return in a week , just in case there was reward waiting for them--
and sure enough, there was. Also, some GREAT rumors goign round the market.

Seems that the magic was stemming from a small coin found in the shop, one wiht a dancing nekkid gnome on it. The object was a sort of practical joke crafted by a Gnomish wizard of yore, one of particularly high rank ,and managed to animate one of the guard's clothing.

Particularly his breechcloth, and the yells coudl be heard for blocks and blocks...

After he and his companions stripped completely down and fled the scene, the Grey Hands had to be called in to once again neutralize the threat, as apparnetly magical wedgies were NOT considered as funny to the Watch as they were to the magician who created his little bit of fun.

THe coin was finally turned over to a cackling, tickled pink Gnomish temple in Waterdeep, with instructions to "Please get rid of the damned thing!! FAR AWAY!!". Greatly cheered by the return of one of the most awesome jokes in the last several hundred years, The Coin of Endless Amusement, the temple sent three bags of gold to the Watch, to be distributed to those brave and FUCKING LUCKY souls who happened to be the first (living) beings to rediscover the Coin in a long, long time. And survive it.

Yes, the gold coins are all stamped with an image of a nekkid, dancing gnome on them. (Nonmagical, standard gold. BUT the bags are made of sewn together panties, just for kicks.)

(Three bags of gold for rewards are given to the party-- 2 to Evande,r with a request to find the third party and distribute the gift, on Evander's Honor, and oen bag to Alaria. Amount and XP will be awarded pending DM approval!)
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