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Last time, I promise

PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 1:32 am
by Serpent Axis
He sat down in the chair by the fireplace. His eyes glancing at her as she made her rounds around the tavern, serving drinks and food. She gave him a tired stare as she walked towards him - she never even noticed him coming in.

"Stop it" she said to him in an overworked tone "ye know ye can't keep coming like that" she hissed at him quietly as she bent over to stare at him directly.
The dusky man in the cloak curved a smile "really, that be no way to be showin' yer gratitude.." he began to say in a sleek voice, which caused her irritation to rise as she said "gratitude!? gratitude! ye keep coming 'ere, expectin' free meals that go off me own purse, or beggin' me to cook for ye!" she quietly hissed "ye're the one that should be showin' some gratitude!"
The dusky man shifted in his chair and said "now that's not true, I ne'er begged" he chuckled, mostly to himself. The dusky girl's face went red "I mean it, Mehmen, ye can't keep comin' like that!" she insisted.
"Jasmal, I don't ask for much and I be givin' back quite a lot... all I be askin' in return is a warm meal made by me own sweet sister" he said, looking into her eyes.
The dusky girl sighed and bore a frustrated glance back at him. He smiled and whispered "just this once - last time." his eyes, bearing mischief at her as he nodded and said "last time, I promise..."