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Dark tidings

PostPosted: Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:19 pm
by Serpent Axis
Up above, in the ruins of an abandoned building, in that wrackage of a rooftop. The dusky man sat in shadow, sharpening his blades. His eyes stare at nothing through a broken window with his gaze lost from this world. Passing over the crudely painted face of the elven girl. Passing over the handprint of his sister's fall onto some dusty floor board. Passing over the blade.
His heart beats fast in the silence of the chamber. Stolen church candles long burned out surround him, some of them cut by a blade out of sheer boredom. A few dying flames yet cast dancing yellow light around, reflecting against the sharpening blade. What the dusky man feels right now can be compared to what one of the gentry would feel before going to feast and dance at a ball. But the romantic anticipation glittering in his eyes is not one of joy and beauty - it is the forbidden flame consuming the stolen candle. Soon, everything will be alright again - because someone else will know agony and loss just like him.