Bardsong, Ballads, Epics and Jaunty poems!

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Bardsong, Ballads, Epics and Jaunty poems!

Postby Rosemadder » Tue Dec 16, 2008 11:46 am

And you know, whatever else!
This thread is for PLAYER written IC Bardwork! Seriously, anyone who bothers to write out a song IC deserves a thread!! Dig out yer scene transcripts and post them here!!
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Re: Bardsong, Ballads, Epics and Jaunty poems!

Postby Fe.Alchemy » Wed May 04, 2011 12:37 pm

((I wrote this agessss ago as a sort of acapella drinking song for a pub! One or two people lead it, and then everyone else acts as a chorus.))

"On the morrow, keep your eyes,
For the lady, in disguise.
She is Elven, she is Drow,
She is water, she is sound.

And the wizards,
From all planes.
They all gather,
Her remains.

And they say she walks again,
(Audience yells: Tonight!)

Faire master, bonny lass.
Doting daughter, of the past.
She is drifting,
As if, in a blink.

And they say inside this tavern,
She drinks.
(Audience yells: She drinks!)"

((And then a little violin ditty and it ends :D))
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Re: Bardsong, Ballads, Epics and Jaunty poems!

Postby Jiriki » Thu May 05, 2011 8:56 am

A dream of Silence

A dream of silence, falling like new snow on ears too sensitive.
Eyes, searching for daylights first kiss of life.
Skin, nerves once broken, smashed and battered into twisted relief.

A blade, sheathed in scarlet comforts me. I take it to my arms and share in its hard distortions.
Armor, barked and ragged with nothingness.
Bones. Lazily sheathed in an iron tense muscle.

A lovers caress, twisted and distorted to happy desire.
Words, softly spoken to a shell of cartilage.
Silence, unrepenting, resisting stone, clad in silk. Peace.

(Written by Bex. Character.. Not telling.)
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Re: Bardsong, Ballads, Epics and Jaunty poems!

Postby NachtWulf » Sun May 22, 2011 7:32 pm

Dusty flour, be no more! [I'm terrible at improv, but I thought I might as well help revive this thread]

Sun, 06:17:08 PM

Smiling admediantly at a warm greeting, she countered. " Hello to you. " Then she glanced down, " Don't mind the flour.. I was just at work.." Dusting off her shirt a bit.

Meredith Eyllisern
Sun, 06:25:58 PM

"Oh! I can fix that," she laughed. She sung:
Once weary hours of labor are done,
The toilsome task of tidying begins.
With [nimble] broom and brush of the tongue,
Let this bothersome flour away be flung!

Meredith Eyllisern
Sun, 06:26:50 PM
(Prestidigitation) And with that, the flour was blown behind Rhedd with a puff of air.

*Note: The word added in blue wasn't originally said. I felt that added syllables would help it flow, so I fixed it here.
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