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A Message To The Dark

PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 9:16 pm
by Stam
Talia took a day after her return to rest and relax. Her shop remained closed, with a handwritten apology to her clientel, while she prepared herself for something she badly needed to do.

After the sun went down, Talia shuttered all the lights in her apartment and had her bodyguard draw the shades. Near-complete darkness fell on the place, illuminated only by the light from the fireplace.

The Hin took up her quill and began writing the first of several scrolls, detailing a personal account of a ritual that (under any normal circumstances, at least) would have been the kind of thing she hid from everyone. Included was the background history, as many pertinent details and a list of other known cases of it being performed. Essentially, everything about the ritual that would not want to be known about it.

She does not stop until eight identical scrolls are lined up on the desk; then she goes to pen individual notes to each.

[PMs forthcoming to eight lucky people!]