Trades Ward Locale: The Three Stars

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Trades Ward Locale: The Three Stars

Postby Stam » Sun Mar 08, 2009 9:13 pm

The Three Stars is the latest in a succession of taverns catering to the many, many folk who work or frequent the busy Trades ward. Located on the corner of the Way of the Dragon and Soothsayer's Way, not far from the mercenary gathering point that is Virgin's Square, the customer base is mostly drawn from the mercenaries, smiths, shopkeepers and other hard-working middle-class folk who ply their trades here. A surprising number of the city's armed forces also stop by on a regular basis, particularly the members of the Griffon Cavalry and the occasional Gray Hand.

Each time the tavern has changed ownership, the new owner tried hard to put their own unique spin on the tavern, and the current owner is no different. A tall, busty blond Chondathan-blooded woman of significant stature, Tahiri Aliev's strong personality is quite manifest in the changes wrought to the tavern, especially the recent demolition/reconstruction project.

While The Three Stars is situated prominently in an area where most of its customers could care less for entertainment and fine food so long as the alcohol keeps flowing, Tahiri holds herself to a higher standard. In her opinion, that is perhaps the greatest reason the previous owner failed: too much reliance on the customers preferring convenience and quantity over quality.

The Three Stars shirks nothing a good tavern should have - good beer, better ale, spiced mead and fine fare. Add in the amateur-to-middling entertainment, well-proportioned wait-staff and the all-in-good-fun late evening brawl that has almost become customary, and you have the perfect place for a mercenary to spend more than his share of coin.

The tavern has two open floors - the main common area and the upstairs. On the ground floor, booths line two walls, a loooong bar with stools lines another with a gap for entry and exit into the kitchen, and a central stage takes up the third. The remainder of the floorspace is filled with tables and chairs, except for a square area in front of the stage generally kept clear for dancing. The tables and chairs are basic and hard-worn, but fairly comfortable, and the booths and barstools are of slightly better quality. A single spiral staircase leads up to the second floor, which is an open balcony with an elegantly-carved railing. More tables and chairs line the balcony edge, and further back are more booth seating - but the furniture here is more upscale, and the booths all have privacy curtains.

Past the staff-only door to the kitchen is another set of stairs leading up to the private parts of the second floor. Entirely separate from the second-floor balcony, this floor has eight bedrooms which are mostly for the use of Tahiri's regular staff (and the occasional lucky individual who gets invited up to them). Another flight goes up to the third floor, which contains Tahiri's personal bedroom and office as well as the roof deck - upon which Tahiri has, of all things, made a garden with a nice open grassy area and even a fish pond.

The Three Stars menu leans heavily on the alcoholic side; there are more than twenty drink choices and a standing reputation for being able to order anything specialty for steady customers. However, there are only seven food items - five of standard fare which change weekly, a "Chef's Special" that changes every day, and then an item unique to The Three Stars called only, "Darr You To Try It." (The misspelling is deliberate, if by this point fairly obsolete.) All are written up on a large chalkboard behind the bar.

Immediately below the menu, another few lines of chalked text wrote:And always remember:
* Don't piss off the cook!
* If you find a feather in your food, your meal is free!

There's another, much smaller sign up behind where Tahiri usually stations herself. It's prewritten, with only a small chalkboard area for a number, and notes, "Days I haven't been forced to deal with a weedy fen-sucked miscreant." It is, regrettably, rarely in double-digits.

The tavern has three basic unwritten rules:
* Do Not Hurt The Staff.
* If you pull out a weapon, everyone present will help toss you out.
* Brawling is fine, but no killing, and you pay for anything you break.
Otherwise, anything that happens at Tahiri's, stays at Tahiri's.

OoC information! wrote:Tahiri's tavern is open to all, even though the PC who owned it is now an out-of-town NPC.

There are only three basic rules (above) which everyone must follow, and the tavern keeps hefty bouncers on hand to ensure they are followed. Bouncers are backed by an 8th-level simulcra of Tahiri, and many of the city's Griffonriders tends to be around either in or out of uniform.
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Re: Trades Ward Locale: The Three Stars

Postby Stam » Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:18 am

OoC Information wrote:The following event occurred on the evening of Ches 7, 1378 DR.

If you are present in the tavern in the evening hours and asking about its history and notable events (or even the odd note on the bottom of the menu) the Gather Info DC to hear of this incident is 15. Under any other circumstances the Gather Info DC is 25.

Of course, the exact information you hear may well be distorted based on the Bigger Fish syndrome, the amount of alcohol consumed by the person you are questioning, and/or several other factors. :D

The evening brawl was coming along quite nicely, encompassing seven tables worth of mercenaries. They were all playing by the 'house rules' and it was looking like it would eventually wear itself about fifteen minutes.

Fifteen minutes was too long for Darrina. Having been given a message right before the brawl got underway, she came out of the kitchen door at a fast, furious pace. Almost visibly smoking around the ears, she glowered at the roiling mass of humans (well, mostly humans) in an attempt to find the individual who had raised her ire.

Tahiri saw the look and started towards her short, petite friend, but didn't even make it three steps before Darrina pulled out a tiny bell from one pouch. Five quick words in Elven, and the woman clapped her open hands together - causing the center of the brawl to explode in a loud BOOM! Fortunately for the brawlers, it was just sound - a massive thunderclap, powerful enough to stun most, throw some off their feat and temporarily deafen a handful of the men (and a few women) involved. The brawl was officially over.

However, the blast of sound also sent a rapid gust of wind outward which swept past the raven-haired spellcaster, sending her cloak flaring out dramatically...exposing her large, black-feathered wings to the room of people. Almost all of them were already looking at her - and now they were looking at her with open mouths.

Darrina's face went pale for a moment before returning with pink interest. Drawing in a breath, she spoke in as clear and even a tone of voice as she could manage. "Which of you miscreants complained about the stew?"

After a moment of silence, during which no-one moved and you could literally have heard a pin hit the floor, two brave mercenaries each pointed at the other. Darrina looked at them both flatly for a moment, then grudgingly admitted, "You're both right. I put too much pepper in that batch." Everyone - customers and staff - just stared at the winged girl for a few more moments. Darrina held her ground, not moving (or perhaps too afraid to move).

The squeak of chalk broke the silence, drawing eyes away from Darrina and towards where Tahiri was calmly chalking a zero up in the "weedy fen-sucked miscreant" box. Giving the two brave mercenaries a wink, she then moved over to the large chalkboard that contained The Three Stars' menu. On the very bottom of the board, she slowly and deliberately wrote in the following:
The Menu! wrote:And always remember:
* Don't piss off the cook!
* If you find a feather in your food, your meal is free!

Darrina blinked in startled surprise at her friend. "Tahiri! You know I haven't lost a feather in weeks!"

Someone in the crowd coughed. One of the waitresses tried to muffle a giggle. Tahiri grinned at Darrina, then turned and gave the general roomful of people a slow, deliberate wink.

And the laughter started. Slow, at first, but the merriment built and shortly everyone in the building was rolling on the floor. Even Darrina joined in, having a good laugh at her own predicament, and with a flip of her wings, turned to go back into the kitchen.
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Re: Trades Ward Locale: The Three Stars

Postby Stam » Fri May 08, 2009 3:22 pm

OoC wrote:The following event occurred on the night of Nightal 3, 1378 DR.
For those who were not present but want to inquire about it, most of the information is easily available (Gather Info DC 10-15 for the night's events, but somewhat higher for details on who was present.)

The Temptress of the Trades Ward: The One Night Only Show!
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Re: Trades Ward Locale: The Three Stars

Postby ilanian » Thu Jul 16, 2009 2:47 pm

Off in one corner of the Three Stars sits a single table that doesn't quite match the rest of the decor. Instead of square or round, it is shaped in an oval, and the craftsmanship appears to be of a slightly higher grade than the rest. There are three chairs along the back, the one in the center a bit nicer than the rest, and with a comfortable looking cushion on it. Despite the slightly crowded room, the table has a clear line to the bar, and to the door from the kitchen.

This table serves as the 'home away from home' for one of the more unusual customers. Seated in the middle chair is a somewhat short half-orc. His head is bald except for a small patch at the back of his head. The black hair is braided, and comes down to the middle of his back. He wears what appear at first glance to be a simple tunic and breeches, along with a pair of doeskin boots. The breeches, when he stands, are seen to be held up by a piece of old rope. His arms are left bare from the shoulder down to just past his elbows where a pair of simple leather bracers are fastened, ending in straps of leather that wrap around his hands. Around his neck is a simple chain of gold links, with a small onyx hanging from it. His skin is slightly greenish, and seems to glow as if he is fresh from a bath. His left tusk is an almost unnatural white and comes to a sharp point, looking more like an upside down fang. His right tusk is coated in platinum, but the tip remains dulled.

Skippy, as the half-orc is known, is soft spoken, and polite. He is almost always seen in the company of a small woman of unknown heritage. She has a slightly tanned skin tone, and fine silver hair, cut to almost shoulder length, except in the back where it is braided like Skippy's, except down to her waist, and for her bangs, which always covers the right side of her face. Her clothing is more ornate than Skippy's, but in a similar style. Her tunic and breeches are white with black stitching, and she wears black-dyed doeskin boots and a glove over her right hand, up to the elbow. The boots are stitched in white. At her waist is a length of golden-dyed silk rope.

Skippy is known to be merchant of sorts. He comes across odd information here and there about the city and odd things going on, and is known to buy and sell such information. He also has, on occasion, hired mercenaries or adventurers to accomplish tasks for him. Those who have worked for him can vouch that he pays well, and is willing to part with what information he has about the jobs he wished done.

While Skippy no longer 'adventures' any more, he hasn't lost his skills. When things in the Three Stars become heated, he is more than willing to help the bouncers out if it appears that they need it, especially if things are directed at him. In one or two instances, it has been rumored that he has pulled out a full bottle of zzar, drained it in less than a minute, and then gone on to stop deadly brawls single-handedly.

Most importantly (for the proprietor at least), Skippy always pays for any damages he helped cause, and even buy a round or two for the individual(s) who didn't start the fight.

OOCly wrote:Skippy is an NPC who will (sometime in the future) have plot hooks available to groups of PCs of varying levels. What hooks are available, what levels they are designed for, and how to 'reel them in' will be posted in the (hopefully) near future.
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