Some Burned Bread

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Some Burned Bread

Postby Mark » Wed May 20, 2009 1:47 pm

Tragedy struck the Trades Ward when Andolyn's, a local bakery owned by Andolyn and Gendrew Whitehands, was cast into flames. Thankfully, thanks to a swift response by the local fire brigade and members of the Watch, several of the nearby buildings were saved and no lives were lost.

Even so, Kezzk and Cirius found themselves quickly grabbed up by members of the Watch, who quickly interrogated their brethren. After hearing the story, both were quickly paid a small some of money by their compatriots for their silence, as it was the Watch's duty to check up on the building as requested, rather than asking two off duty officers to do the job for them.

If the stories are true that whisp over a mug of ale or two, Gendrew was attacked by an Imp while finishing the finishing touches on some sort of Giant Bread Man that he and his wife, a renown wizard, had collaborated on together. As a result, the Bread Man went crazy and proceeded to destroy the kitchen before, due to some quick thinking, Gendrew was able to lock it in the pantry cellar before succumbing to the Imp's attacks, and was then tormented by the creature, who seemingly wanted only to cause Gendrew pain, rather than kill him.

Officially, the Watch has labeled the fire an act of arson, perpetrated by green and blue haired half elf with a scar over one eye. She is described as being very tall and having brown eyes. Citizens are warned to have no interaction with this woman, and to inform a member of the Watch if she is sighted. She is to be considered armed and dangerous.

Andolyn, furious over the attacks on her home, husband and livelihood, has offered a 300 gold bounty on the woman if she is captured alive and prosecuted.

As for the living bread creation, it is rumored to be still within the pantry, trapped under tons of burned lumber and brick. Just waiting for its time to rise.
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Re: Some Burned Bread

Postby Failbhe » Tue Aug 11, 2009 5:04 pm

Sufficient fines having been paid to satisfy the magister, Shev walks out of the Watchhouse as free woman.
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