Invitations begin to be sent out!

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Invitations begin to be sent out!

Postby Kemian » Sun Jun 14, 2009 9:59 pm

Evander placed the last of the invitations at the top of the stack and blinked in surprise. That was a much larger stack than he had anticipated. Thank goodness they had decided on a flexible venue. He grinned, well best to get these sent off there wasn't much time and he wanted as many of their friends and family to attend as possible.

((OOC: Evander and Kethean's wedding will take place 27 June. Those PC's that are getting an invitation will be sent a forum PM by either myself or Sarah. This event will take place in the Heroes Garden and there will be plenty of opportunity for those that were not invited to crash the festivities. Basically we are going to try and do an all day thing, you can come and go as you please that day. For the sake of not flooding the chat with grand entrances, anyone that has an invitation can post their entrance or absence here once you get an invitation. If anyone chooses to crash you can post your entrance too. Thank you.))
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