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Fast Eddy and the killer crumpet.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2009 12:13 pm
by Jiriki
Soveliss, in search of his the stolen tribal items, met up with Selenius, Shuri and Allison to gain him an advantage in searching out a crypt that the evil theif who stole his chiefs most prized possession was rumored to be stashing his cash in...

Upon entry, they found the crypt already raided, but not completely empty. Soveliss saw a box that was locked in a recess in the wall, but the crypt wasn't as empty as they thought. A ghoul stood, only to be attacked by Soveliss, then disintegrated by Allison.. Upon their discovering the box and managing to finally open it they chose to leave. But found their door had been shut whilst they were below! Who could've done such a thing?!

They found four potions of value, and some paste crappy gems, along with some other items amassing to about 100gold coins in value.