A Harsh Judgement

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A Harsh Judgement

Postby Stam » Sat Aug 01, 2009 9:00 pm

The magistrate peered down his nose as the stubborn-faced youth before him in shackles for a long minute before returning his eyes to the parchment before him.

"For your actions in the marketplace, I find you guilty on three separate charges. In lesser order of magnitude..."

"Fourth Plaint, Lesser - theft/killing of livestock of a citizen of Waterdeep. You deliberately shot and killed the dog belonging to-"
the man flips through several pages "-one Charles Staffson. Your penalty for this, a fine in the sum of 5gp, payable to the city, which will be delivered to the citizen."

"Second Plaint, Lesser - brandishing of weapons without cause-"
The boy clears his throat and the magistrate pauses, looking up.

"Ey, it wasn't without cause! I did-" WHAM! The boy, in turn, is interrupted by the heavy fist of the guard, which sends him sprawling and spitting both blood and teeth. "The prisoner will be silent when the magistrate speaks," the guard growls menacingly as he hauls the boy back to his feet.

"Gag him," the magistrate says quietly, and looks on impassively while the youth's mouth is stuffed. "Very well. Second Plaint, Lesser - brandishing of weapons without cause. You not only raised a bow, you fired it twice into a crowd of Waterdhavian citizens. Punishment for this is confiscation of the weapon in question and a fine, which I will not specify due to what follows."

He pauses, looking up at the boy, and for the first time a slight smile begins to curl his lips.
"Finally...First Plaint, Serious - Treason, Impersonation, Assault, and Willful disobedience of edicts. Boy, you attempted to impersonate a drow and fired on one of the busiest areas of this city in a deliberate attempt to reproduce the kind of panic that the drow archer caught last Ride was causing."

Below him, the boy's eyes go wide. The whites begin to show as he realizes, for perhaps the first time, how deep he just buried himself.

"As a result...I have chosen to consider you as aiding and abetting the drow in their campaign of terror on the city. The punishment for this is death. You will be hanged from the city walls tomorrow as a public example. Make your peace with your deity, for you will meet him tomorrow. Case closed - guards, take him away."

The stunned youth was pushed out of the courtroom by the guards, stumbling over his feet as his whole world came crashing down around him.
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Re: A Harsh Judgement

Postby Stam » Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:58 am

[*edited to note hanging and not beheading* Apparently that's a nobles-only death sentence.

Appreciation to Marek for pointing this out.]
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